How to Find Interesting Genealogy Reading Material Online

Whether you are new to genealogy or an expert, you may want to take some time once in a while to learn more about your hobby by reading some genealogy blogs. No, this is not a shameless attempt at self – promotion from a genealogy blogger. It is more of a reminder that there is just so much great information out there on genealogy blogs that any genealogist could find something interesting to read on any given day. One way to look for genealogy blogs to read is to simply do a Google search for “genealogy blogs”, or add some … Continue reading

RootsTech 2012 Sessions for Beginners – Day Three

RootsTech 2012 will take place on three days in February of this year. There will be more presentations, classes, and sessions going on than one person can possibly manage to attend. Plenty of them are designed for beginning genealogists. RootsTech is a great place to learn more about new ways to do your genealogy research! RootsTech 2012 will take place on February 2, February 3, and February 4, 2012. Each day, there will be several sessions, which can take the form of a class, a presentation, or a hands-on type of experience. In short, there are two basic categories of … Continue reading

Sperm Donor Learns He Has More than 70 Kids

A thirty-three year old man from Boston donated his sperm several times while he was attending law school. He has recently learned that the result of his donations has created over 70 children. This is a situation where medical science and genealogy connect in strange ways. Genealogy is the study of family. Typically, a person’s immediate family consists of their parents and siblings. Extended family could include grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. When a person becomes an adult, their family might be their spouse and their children. All of these relationships are very simple to fit into a standard family … Continue reading

Ways For Genealogists To Celebrate Memorial Day

This weekend will be filled with Memorial Day celebrations. Now is the time for people to finalize their plans for this three day weekend. For genealogists, this is an opportunity to dig into your own family history, and learn a little bit more about your ancestors. Memorial Day is a legal holiday in the United States. This basically means that workers are supposed to get the holiday off of work, so that they can honor military men and women who gave their lives to serve their country. Obviously, not everyone will actually get to take the day off of work. … Continue reading

I Dream Of Genealogy Travel

In the middle of winter, when it is cold and snowy here, my thoughts often turn to travel. While I do not currently have any travel plans for this year aside from the occasional visit to my parents’ house (only three and a half hours away) and my annual trip to Cape Cod, it is nice to think about trips that I would like to take some time in the future. When people think about places that they would like to visit, they often think about going somewhere that has personal significance to them. Visits to the home lands of … Continue reading

Learn From Other Genealogists

There are several ways that a brand new genealogist can learn about how to do genealogy. You can learn from the mistakes you make when you first jumped in and started doing research. You can learn from reading about genealogy. Or, you can learn by asking other genealogists for tips and helpful hints. Most of my experience with genealogy has come from jumping in headfirst, and seeing what I can find out on my own. Plug a name into a search engine, and see what happens. So far, this method has not provided me the great results I hoped it … Continue reading

Genealogy for Kids

I want my children to share my passion for genealogy, and I try to share my research with them whenever I think I may have grabbed their attention. My three-year-old son accompanies me on most of my cemetery visits, and actually gets excited when I ask him if he wants to go for a walk in the cemetery. My nine-year-old daughter enjoys looking through my old family photos with me. I am always looking for ways to involve my children in my genealogy, and often come up short when looking for ideas online. However, I have managed to come across … Continue reading

New Genealogy Blogger

Hello, my name is Jacky Gamble, and I am a genealogy addict. I am also the newest genealogy blogger at I have already posted a couple of blogs here, but before I go any further I should tell you a bit about me, and why I chose to blog about genealogy. Genealogy is one of my passions. I began researching my own family tree back in 2003 because I was curious to find out how many relatives were in my mother’s family (her grandparents had 11 children, and their children had children, and so on). I wasn’t expecting to … Continue reading

Three Ways to Learn More About Genealogy

If you are interested in doing your genealogy but you do not know where to start, or if you are ready to take your research to the next level there are many options available to help you with your research. Many people begin doing genealogy work for just their family, but find that they enjoy it so much that they want to continue to do it, even after they have exhausted their own research. There are career options available to you as well. On excellent place to learn more about genealogy is through online genealogy classes. Many websites offer free … Continue reading

George Clooney is Related to Abraham Lincoln

It’s pretty amazing what genealogists from can dig up. It seems like they are always finding connections in the family trees of unexpected people. This time, they found that actor George Clooney and former President Abraham Lincoln are related to each other. is one of the biggest genealogy websites. The site is frequently updated with new records and archives. They have a blog that updates at least once a week. They produce one or two live webinars every week. Somehow, the genealogists who work for still find the time to dig up unexpected connections in the family … Continue reading