Tips for Puppy-Proofing Your Home

There’s something irresistible about baby animals, isn’t there? Puppies, kittens, chicks, and more… so innocent, sweet, and cuddly! But for baby animals, some things around your house may be irresistable… and dangerous. It’s best to puppy-proof (or kitten-proof, or whatever animal you have-proof) your home BEFORE the new family member comes home. Even if you don’t get every potential hazard out of the way, you’ll still be ahead of the game! First things first: get a pet’s eye view on the world. That means crouching down — or crawling on your hands and knees — to see what the room … Continue reading

The Pets Blog Week in Review for October 29 – November 4

The new format worked so well I think I’ll stick with it again this week. Ready? Here we go…let’s see what Aimee and I wrote last week: Monday, October 29 More Viral Animal Emails: Doggone Hysterical Cartoons aren’t just for the funnies anymore. These days people can share them with everyone in their email address book. I talked about some that friends had shared with me that tickled my funny bone. Common Saltwater Fish Diseases Aimee talked about the diseases that saltwater fish are susceptible too, many of which are the same that affect tropical fish. She gave a list … Continue reading

Throwing a Puppy Shower–Step 4: Prizes and Favors

If you decide to play games at your puppy shower, you’ll want to award prizes to the winners, right? Everyone might not be able to win a game, but that doesn’t mean they can’t leave your shower winners nonetheless. That’s the beauty of favors. Everyone has something to take home to remember your great party by! But what sort of things would make suitable prizes and favors? The answers, my friends, follow below. (In some cases I even included places you can find them.) Prizes for People Just about anything dog-themed would make a good prize. Just think of it … Continue reading

Throwing a Puppy Shower—Step 3: Games

What would a shower be without games? Here’s some suggestions for games you could play at your puppy shower –with both human and canine guests. Games for Human Guests • Guess Pup’s Weight: Provide pens and slips of paper for everyone to write down what they think your new puppy weighs. Closest wins! (Make sure they also include their names so you know who guessed what.) • Agility Course: This one will also be under the canine guest list, but wouldn’t it be fun to see their people run it too? Fastest time wins! (Might have to improvise on some … Continue reading

Throwing a Puppy Shower—Step 2: Food

Once the invitations for your puppy shower are sent and the RSVPs tallied, you’ll want to start thinking about your menu. Unlike other types of showers, puppy showers have to accommodate both human and canine palettes. For the People Guests • Beverages – The typical drink options are always nice, like water, soft drinks, or juice. However, some alcoholic drinks have colorful dog names which would also be fun. (i.e. Mad Dog shots, and Hair of the Dog cocktails or Salty Dog cocktails.) • Appetizers or finger foods – If you want to serve fare keeping with the theme of … Continue reading