Japanese Thrive in Tiny Houses

I’ve blogged about tiny houses before. Many Americans are rethinking how much space they want in a home. Do we really need 3,500 or larger square feet homes? In my case, the more house we have, the more junk we put in it. And you have to heat, cool, and light all the room that you probably don’t need to begin with, so it isn’t very green. In Japan, it isn’t really an issue. Because the country’s cities are already overcrowded, its people have learned to live in smaller homes because they have no other choice. The neat thing is … Continue reading

One Hit Wonders

I was watching CBS Sunday Morning and they did a segment on Don McLean. If you don’t remember, he wrote and sang the 1971 hit “American Pie.” At the time, he was a struggling 25 year old, but “American Pie” would change his life. His long running ode to rock-n-roll and the fatal crash of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens hit number one and was Don’s biggest hit. Some people think Don was a one hit wonder, but he did have several more songs that reached the charts. But it was “American Pie” that made him famous. … Continue reading

How Much House Does Your Family Need?

Without even taking into account how much stuff each family member has, determining square footage needs may seem like a mathematical formula that doesn’t exist. It can become more confusing when one also considers that sometimes it’s not just the square footage that you get in a house, but the way that it’s divvied out that really matters. Giant master bedrooms and tiny living rooms seem to be the norms for creating unused or over used areas. You can also find families trying their best to fill up a house that has much more space than they could ever use. … Continue reading