From Soggy to SOLD

It was the story that had cereal lovers examining each and every cornflake BEFORE putting it in their mouths. And one that made me nearly gag on my morning muffin. Now the drama is finally over and two sisters from Virginia are $1,350 richer for it. For those of you who haven’t had your breakfast subjected to this corny tale allow me to get you caught up: Twenty-three-year-old Melissa McIntire and her 15-year-old sister Emily were innocently filling their bowls with cornflakes earlier this month when they came across a flake they swore looked exactly like the state of Illinois. … Continue reading

Photography Week in Review for December 31, 2007-January 5, 2008

If you were too busy recovering from your New Year’s celebration to get your daily dose of the Photography Blog now is your chance to catch up. This week I completed my series on eBay photography. Have you ever tried selling your stuff on eBay? If you have then you know the key to selling your Internet auction items for as much as possible is to display your products in the best light. This week’s blogs provided tips on how to do just that. I also spent some time covering action and adventure photography. Just because it’s bone-chilling cold in … Continue reading

Tips for Taking Great eBay Photos—LIGHTING

You’ve got the right camera, you invested in a tripod and you have learned a few tricks regarding focusing, now it’s time to shoot those items you want to sell on eBay, right? Not so fast. There are a few more tips you want to keep in mind prior to pointing and shooting. In this blog we’ll discuss how proper lighting will help you achieve prize-winning photos that will attract more potential buyers to your auction item. Avoiding Hot Spots. If you are shooting in direct sunlight or illuminating your auction item directly under an unfiltered bulb you run the … Continue reading