The New Year’s Babies of 2017

There are babies born every day of the year, but the babies born on New Year’s Eve, or New Year’s Day, get the most attention from the news channels and websites. These babies experience a moment of fame shortly after being born. Here is a quick look at some of the New Year’s Babies of 2017. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016. This inspired some parents who are Cubs fans to give their newborns names that commemorate that historic win. Some of these newborns were New Year’s babies. Wrigley Rose has the unofficial honor of being the … Continue reading

The Worst Genealogy Blog of the Year

Many genealogists take time out of their research to work on their very own, personal, genealogy blog. While some of these blogs are entertaining, informative, and inspirational, others are a chore to try and read. Here are some tips to keep your blog from being deemed “the worst genealogy blog of the year”. Anyone can make a blog. There are several websites that will let you sign up and instantly start creating a blog about whatever topic you like for free. This is both good and bad. It allows every genealogist who desires to make a family history blog the … Continue reading

7 Ways to Manage Kids’ Sport Fees and Costs

There are so many reasons to give your kids the opportunity to be involved in sports, and one big one not to do so–the costly fees. Before you decide to give up the sports altogether, consider trying the following strategies that will help you manage kids sports fees and reduce the amount you spend. 1. Get some perspective Parents can get a little crazy when it comes to sports. They all want their kids to succeed and will provide them with all of the extras that they think will make this happen, such as extra training or lessons, top of … Continue reading

Over 40 Holiday-Themed Scrapbook Title Ideas

  “Holiday Hoopla” is the title of a scrapbook layout I made last year.  It features photos of three generations of my family cooking together.  I was going to use “Organized Chaos,” but decided to go with the seasonal title instead. Coming up with page titles is a passion for some scrapbookers, while others see it as a pain.  I like to ponder page titles while I am figuring out the placement of my photos, memorabilia and embellishments.  Often, a title will pop into my head as I survey all of the materials I am featuring on the layout.  However, … Continue reading

Alaska Calls Medicaid an “Entitlement Program”

Every state has its own Medicaid program. You can learn a lot about the political environment in a state by the wording it chooses to use on its official Medicaid website. Alaska refers to Medicaid as an “entitlement program”. The state put that phrase in quotes. This speaks volumes. Medicaid is a public, or government run, health insurance program. It is designed to cover individuals and families who are low income and who cannot afford to purchase a health plan from a private insurance company. Medicaid is funded, in part, by the federal government. It is also funded, in part, … Continue reading

Blogging From the Personal Side of Parenting

The internet has a wealth of information about a vast variety of special needs. It is fairly easy to look up medical information or news articles regarding a special need. Sometimes, it can be comforting to read a blog written by a parent about the personal side of parenting a child who has a special need. Here are a few interesting ones to explore. Parents can get online and quickly look up symptoms, recommended diets, help with IEPs, and news about health insurance coverage for their child’s special needs. What about if all you want is some conformation that your … Continue reading

Where to Start Your Family’s Genealogy Blog

Are you considering starting your own, personal, genealogy blog for your family? One of the first things you need to decide is where that blog is going to go. Fortunately, there are several simple online resources that can help you get started. Here are a few good ones to choose from. You’re ready to make a genealogy blog. The first thing you are going to need to do is figure out where online you want that blog to be. Here are some options to choose from. One of the easiest ways to make a genealogy blog is to go with … Continue reading

GenealogyBank Adds 17 Million Records

Recently, I came across a genealogy website called GenealogyBank. I followed some links, and ended up using it to locate the obituary of one of my relatives. Today, I learned that GenealogyBank has added 17 Million records. Unfortunately for me, those records cannot be accessed for free. I have been working on putting together my family tree in my so called “spare time”. The going is slow, mostly because I have way too many other projects right now. Another thing that is slowing me down is that I keep running into genealogy websites that appear to be free to use, … Continue reading

Restaurant Deals – July 21 – 27, 2012

Where will your family be dining out this week? It can often be expensive to take a large family out to dinner. The best way to be able to visit your favorite restaurant and stay within your budget is to use a restaurant coupon or wait until they are having a deal. Here are some great restaurant coupons that can help your family save money this week. Caribou Coffee has a coupon on their La Minita Peaberry coffee. Buy 2 pounds and get $5.00 off. This coupon says “while supplies last”. This coupon will expire on July 22, 2012. Jack’s … Continue reading

What’s New at – Week of July 17, 2012 is one of the most popular coupon websites. Your favorite coupon blogs probably link directly to it. One of the things I like about it is that it frequently updates with new coupons. It is also a reliable source of printable grocery coupons. Here is what’s new at this week. Here are the coupons that were featured in the email this week: Big G has four different coupons for you this week. They are: Save $1.00 when you buy 2 boxes of any flavor of General Mills cereals listed. The cereals you can choose from are Cinnamon … Continue reading