Fulfilling Homeschool Art “Requirements”

Like Physical Education, few states have requirements for Art. That does not mean art should not be an integral part of your child’s education. One of my favorite homeschool guides “What Your ___ Grader Needs to Know by E.D. Hirsch, has a chapter on what your homeschooler should cover in applied art and art history each year. This is a good place to start. There are also numerous Art curriculums that you will find in the Homeschool Curriculum Glossary. Meanwhile, I want to give you some ideas of showing that your child has met his or her Art requirements (whether … Continue reading

Hamster Successfully Cohabitates with Snake

The best unlikely animal friends stories are the ones where predators and their prey ignore the call of nature and become buddies instead. I could fill this blog with such stories, or even just animal friendship stories, but I try to space it out. I couldn’t ignore this 2006 tale from Japan, however, that garnered international attention. BBC News has the details. Aochan is a two-year-old rat snake residing at the Mutsugoro Okoku zoo in Tokyo. He’s a bit of a picky eater; he rejected the frozen rats presented to him by the zookeepers. So instead, in the fall of … Continue reading

The Walt Disney Family Museum

To keep many of his animators from being drafted, Walt Disney struck a deal with the government to create promotional material during the Second World War. I’ve written twice now about things relating to The Walt Disney Family Museum, but I realized that I’ve never covered details about the museum itself. Before it opened it was examined here on the families.com Disney blog, but now that it’s been in operation for over a year let’s look at the institution again. The Walt Disney Family Museum was co-founded by Diane Disney Miller, eldest daughter of Walt Disney, and Richard Benefield in … Continue reading

Disney’s Comic-Con 2010 Schedule

If there’s one place I maybe want to visit more than Disney, it’s Comic-Con. The crowds at Comic-Con turn me off a bit, but they are part of the experience as much as queuing in line at a Disney park. Since its inception in the late 1970s, Comic-Con has morphed from a smallish gathering for fans of comic books, to the mother of mega-conventions including not only “genre” entertainment like science fiction and fantasy films, but hosting panels on popular movies, television shows, and other media. Of course Disney has a presence at Comic-Con, especially because many years Disney fare … Continue reading

Money and Feng Shui

My husband and I became curious about Feng Shui recently. The custom and culture surrounding this ancient wisdom is fascinating. What I like most about Feng Shui is its focus on balance. The key to a satisfying life is to create balance in your life and environment. I believe this practice is important whether you are balancing colors in a room or balancing your budget. No one can ever be happy on a budget diet for too long, nor will their life work if they always spend to excess. Your financial life needs to have good Feng Shui or easily … Continue reading

Julia Roberts vs. the Paparazzi

In a rare turn of events actress Julia Roberts is making headlines for pursuing photographers instead of the other way around. In video that is making the rounds on the Internet, the Oscar winner is shown wildly tailing two videographers in her Mercedes SUV, flagging them down and basically trying to run them off the road in an effort to give them a piece of her mind. The footage was captured by freelance videographers for a celebrity news agency and broadcast on the Internet and on TV’s “Inside Edition.” It shows an irate Roberts driving her Mercedes behind a car … Continue reading

How Much House Does Your Family Need?

Without even taking into account how much stuff each family member has, determining square footage needs may seem like a mathematical formula that doesn’t exist. It can become more confusing when one also considers that sometimes it’s not just the square footage that you get in a house, but the way that it’s divvied out that really matters. Giant master bedrooms and tiny living rooms seem to be the norms for creating unused or over used areas. You can also find families trying their best to fill up a house that has much more space than they could ever use. … Continue reading