Disney Redefining Princesses

Disney’s gotten a lot of criticism, from me and from plenty of others, for its dedication to princesses.  But today I’m here to give Disney some serious kudos for its latest Princess-related ad.  You can watch the clip on YouTube. It’s just awesome.  If you’re not able to watch it at the moment, the ad features a variety of girls, from all ages, races, and backgrounds, and the voice over repeats that “I’m a princess.”  But in between saying that, the narration says other fantastic things as well, such as “it’s important to stand up for myself.  It’s more important … Continue reading

A Study in Princesses: Careers Coda

You need more than just him in your life, Ariel Today I’m going to add a tongue-in-cheek coda to my otherwise serious series on the Disney Princesses. If most of these princesses should have had something other in their lives than their men, what should those things be? I’m going to posit alternate endings to most of the films; mainly, recommendations for the careers into which the Disney Princesses ought to have embarked instead. Some suggestions might be a bit sillier than others. “Snow White” – One thing Snow White did excellently was to get those dwarves to come out … Continue reading

A Study in Princesses: Giselle and Tiana

In the penultimate part of my piece on the Disney Princesses, we watch the House of Mouse strike out before finally starting to get it right. “Enchanted” is a tricky movie to critique because it’s mostly a spoof. For the majority of the movie Giselle is a parody of her predecessors, particularly those from the Golden Era. Hidden behind the laughs in “Enchanted” is a fantastic message (though one that gets sloppy when characters start vocalizing it): don’t just marry the first guy you meet. Spend time getting to know first yourself and then him. Learn what true love really … Continue reading

A Study in Princesses: Pocahontas and Mulan

For the past two weeks I’ve been looking at the Disney Princesses: how they’re presented, how they change with time, and what they say about a woman’s role in society. For all of the princesses up until the mid-1990s, meeting and winning a man (or for Aladdin, a woman) was the fulfillment of their life’s journey. We start to see real change with 1995’s “Pocahontas,” a movie with which I admit I’m not as familiar. But it’s important for several reasons. Pocahontas continues with the recent trend of heroines yearning after lives of adventure, as opposed to waiting for men … Continue reading

A Study in Princesses

I realize I’ve been almost nothing but harsh on the Disney Princesses. Sure, I have an avowed love of the relevant movies from the late 1980s/early 90s, but I direct constant criticism at the fact that these characters are princesses. However, the trend is getting better. Disney needs to finally let go of its penchant for royalty, but it hasn’t just been twiddling its thumbs about feminism in the meantime. Let’s look at the evolution of the princesses. I don’t need to say much about the heroines from Disney Animation’s Golden Era. Their lives are basically on hold until they … Continue reading

Too Many Princesses

When I was little I never dreamed of being a princess. I would sing and dance and play along to my favorite Disney films “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “Aladdin,” but although I longed for the adventures of Belle and Ariel, I never wanted to be them, exactly. Ariel and Jasmine seemed to have too many boring responsibilities associated with their crowns, and aside from the gorgeous library, I preferred Belle’s original quaint cottage and village of residence to the echoing, impersonal castle she’d presumably inhabit as a princess. Yet everywhere I looked, the heroines of my … Continue reading

The Disney Blog Week in Review July 2 – July 6

This was a busy week for many of us in the United States with the 4th of July landing squarely in the middle of the week. It was busy at Disney World and other Disney parks as they celebrated the 4th of July in a very Mickey fashion. It’s also a week where we saw the announcement of the vault opening to release the Jungle Book once more. So let’s take a look at our week in review. Monday, July 2 Disney & The Fractured Fairytale took a look at the upcoming Disney release: Enchanted. Enchanted will combine live action … Continue reading

The Disney Blog Week in Review for April 23 – 26

I love Disney. I think I’ve said that plenty of times here, but each time I sit down to write or read something in the Disney blog, I am instantly reminded of all the great and fun memories I have of Disney products, movies, amusement parks and more. What I love most about Disney, however, is not their merchandising, their rides or even their movies – it’s their ability to inspire the imagination and to transport us to other worlds and other times. So what did we talk about this week in Disney? Monday, April 23 Planning a vacation to … Continue reading

Do Disney Princesses Hurt Self-Image in Little Girls?

Has your little girl ever dressed up like a Disney Princess? Mine has. She had a box of play clothes at age three that included outfits for Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. For her third Halloween, she dressed up in a red Belle (from Beauty in the Beast) gown and called herself the Princess Cassidy. For fourth Halloween, she dressed up in a yellow Belle dress in order to be Belle herself. She loves to play dress up, she loves to play Princess and whether that princess is Jasmine, Aurora, Cinderella, Tinker Bell or other, she loves to become … Continue reading

Avoiding the Brushing Battle

My daughter likes to fight. And by fight I mean win. The kid battles me at every turn:  bedtime, mealtime, chore time, and brush time. The simple act of brushing a few baby teeth has been a struggle since my child was a toddler.  Unfortunately, she still hasn’t outgrown her displeasure with brushing and flossing, but there’s hope for all of you parents dealing with the tumultuous twos and threes right now. To help your child embrace the hygienic task, which he will likely be doing daily for the rest of his life, consider the following: Shopping Trip:  Toddlers love … Continue reading