Ownership and The Syllabus

There are major changes going on in education lately. I’m hearing it from all corners of the spectrum: students, professors, administrators and the internet at large. The issue is the concept of ownership. In particular is the issue of ownership of ideas. I’ve titled this post “Ownership and The Syllabus” because I was recently reminded of this issue when another instructor made a comment about some of the initiatives happening at many universities. The issue at hand was the syllabus and its status as a public/open rather than private/restricted-access document. Housed within this comment are some overarching principles and frustrations … Continue reading

The Human Need for Love

Being a single parent you have been out of the “loop”, so to speak, in the world of dating. You have been so busy taking care of your children and trying to bounce back from your past relationship that you have neglected a need within yourself. We all need love, it is a human need. We all need to feel touch, warmth, and caring from another person. Our children are our greatest source of love and fulfillment in the parenting department, but love that comes from the opposite sex in a caring, committed relationship feels so good and fulfills a … Continue reading

Edward Norton Blasts the Media

I just love Edward Norton – have ever since I saw him play Aaron Stampler so well in Primal Fear. However, he has been involved in a few controversies while making films. First was during (and after) 1998’s American History X, for which he won an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. Back in July 1998, director Tony Kaye was pushing New Line Cinema to use his editing cut of the film. However, New Line Cinema was leaning towards the version of the film that used their own people, the film’s producer, Bill Carraro, and star Edward Norton. Kaye was … Continue reading