Single Parenting: “That’s Not the Way Mommy (Daddy) Does It”

I am sure that you have heard these phrases before…”That’s not the way Mommy does it” or “Daddy doesn’t do it like that”. For some of you who may be a little bit sensitive, this will give you a little “pinch” in your chest. I know that this is easier said than done, but try not to let it bother you. Whether you are a single parent or not, it is highly likely that this expression of honesty from your child will arise from their little, puckered up lips. It is not so bad when you are living in the … Continue reading

Single Parenting: Who They Are

Who Are They? According to the U.S. Census Bureau in the summer of 2007, there were approximately 13.6 million single parents in the United States alone. The children that they are raising total 21.2 million. This relates to 26% of children under the age of 21. Most custodial parents are, not surprisingly, mothers. Mothers total approximately 84% with the remaining 16% being custodial dads. Thirty-three per cent of these single moms have never been married and the majority of the moms being either divorced or separated. Only 1% of these moms are widowed. Of the fathers, totaling 16%, 57% were … Continue reading

Gossip and Loyalty in Marriage

Two things recently started me thinking about gossip and loyalty in marriage. One was in the book ‘Take Joy’ by Jane Yolen where she talked of certain ’emotional core truths.’ She went on to mention some core truths about herself. One of these was ‘being loyal’ to those she loved. The other sign recently that tickled my fancy was this. ‘I never repeat gossip, so listen carefully the first time.’ But what has gossip got to do with marriage? Sadly, I thought it related closely to not being loyal to our spouse. Listening to guys talk at times, I hear … Continue reading

The Case Against Joint Physical Custody

We’ve come a long way since we were children and mothers were routinely given full custody of the children and fathers frequently disappeared and less frequently received a standard visitation schedule of every other weekend visits. In fact, we’ve come so far that now many courts don’t call it “visitation” but more aptly, “Parenting time”. We have seen the damage done to children raised without male role models. We have learned our lessons. Now we believe that any child deserves to share as much time as possible with both parents, if they are willing. Most courts will now consider a … Continue reading