The Fitness Blog Week in Review for February 3 – 9

Good morning and welcome to Saturday. Whew, am I glad it’s the end of the week! I’m tired. There are a lot of things going on in my life right now, some good, some great and some that are not as bad as they could be. I found out more about my own health condition this week and I scheduled my surgery. I also started substitute teaching in my school district this week and that was a tremendous lot of fun! We’ve managed to pack so much into this week and next week and the week after, that I am … Continue reading

Top Ten Yoga Class Tips

Without getting too serious about ourselves, I wanted to discuss some common, perhaps amusing, bits of etiquette to watch out for in yoga classes. Hopefully, you’ll know when I’m intending to humor rather than dictate. 1. Make a controlled effort to get there on time. When I say “controlled,” it’s because I don’t want people stressing themselves out just to get to class. I can get past people walking in while I’m taking people into opening meditation, but I know that it can be distracting for the other students. Late or not, we all have the same intention – let’s … Continue reading

What to Bring to Your Yoga Class

Are you ready to try that yoga class that you have seen on your gym’s schedule, or maybe to visit the yoga studio that was advertising classes? Don’t hesitate to try to try them. Yoga is a form of exercise which bypasses many others in its simplicity. The following will get you started: 1. Yoga is typically practiced with bare feet. The only shoes you will need are those which will get you through the door. Remember that your gym may require that closed toe shoes are worn at all times, but be prepared to take them off once you … Continue reading

As I Live & Breathe

Have you ever said that? It’s an old exclamation, often made when something or someone startles you or catches you off-guard. But there is a deeper truth in the statement of As I Live And Breathe. Breathing is an essential part of your life and your living. From the moment you take your first breath following birth and you scream as that cold air strikes your lungs, it is the vital part of your overall survival. Human Life Needs To Breathe We have to be able to breathe in order to live. We require an oxygen rich atmosphere. We inhale … Continue reading

Ease Your Arthritis With Exercise

When it comes to easing arthritis, the relief is what most people want. There are a lot of studies out there targeting how to help your arthritis and target it for relief through exercise. We’ve talked about arthritis and exercise here in the fitness blog before and today we’re going to talk about the different types of exercises and methods for easing your arthritis. Six tips you need to keep in mind for arthritis exercise, include: Applying heat or ice before a workout in order to relax your joints Dress in comfortable clothing Warm up with gentle exercise Wear shock-absorbing … Continue reading