Tornado Warnings and Students at School

The weather is something that at times can be impossible to predict. While technology is giving us more of a heads up on when severe weather will occur, it is still hard to predict wind changes and other such factors that change the course of storms and wintery forecasts. Many of you heard or read about the tornados and storms that passed across the southern states last week. During these storms, many students were in school. Anytime that there is a threat of serve weather, teachers and administrators take a special plan of action to protect the children. Children are … Continue reading

Storm Chasers

This year may be one of the deadliest on record as far as tornadoes go, yet people are still fascinated by these storms. While most of us prefer to be as far from a tornado as possible, there are people, known as storm chasers, who actually go hunting for tornadoes. Storm chasers not only capture incredible footage of these destructive storms, but many also help gather important research so we can know more about what makes tornadoes tick. By knowing as much as possible about tornadoes, we can better protect ourselves against them. The very first storm chaser was believed … Continue reading

Education Week in Review: April 12 – April 18

This week in education has been very interesting. Not only have the education topics been hot in the blogs but also over in the forums. Check them out! Saturday, April 12 End of Year Behavior Trouble The end of the year is typically full of discipline troubles for all ages of children. The thoughts of school getting out soon for summer break and the rising boredom with class both contribute to trouble for teachers. Monday, April 14 Opinions About Other Teachers We all form opinions about others. Teachers also form opinions about other teachers. We have feelings on which teachers … Continue reading