The Shift To Summer Schedules Is Coming

Many home – based professional parents are able to work the hours that they do because their children go to school. However, school is not a year – round activity. When summer comes, home – based professional parents must decide what they would like to do with their work schedule. Sometimes, it is possible for a parent to scale back their work during the summer months so that they can spend a lot of time with their children. There’s also the option of hiring a babysitter or a parent’s helper to take care of the kids for a few hours … Continue reading

Three Hot Home Businesses For 2011

If you are thinking about transitioning from working outside of the home to working at home in 2011 and you are not sure what type of business to start, I have found three ideas for you to consider. Entrepreneur Magazine has listed the following three types of home-based businesses as “hot” for 2011: social media, green business, and app development. All three of these suggestions are parent-friendly, too, so if your children are your reason for wanting to work at home, one of these categories may be a good fit for you. Social media comes in so many colors and … Continue reading

Become the Best Advocate for Your Child

You are your child’s best hope for a brighter future and happier today. Children with special needs rely on their parents for more than the average child does. Whether he needs help physically, socially, in the classroom, or in a hospital setting, your child with a special need needs you to be his voice and his advocate until he is able to be one for himself. Here are some ideas on how to do best by your child and give him everything he needs and deserves to succeed and thrive. 1 Learn every detail you can about your child’s needs. … Continue reading

Sleep and Your Preschooler

I have a guilty secret. My daughter sometimes – dare I say, often – goes to bed late. She also sleeps in. With the onset of kindergarten next year and its earlier arrival times, we’re going to have to change this. However, in a family with two parents who are working outside the home, I find it to be a struggle to get her in bed by 8 pm. After all, my husband arrives home at dinner time, we eat, and then it would be bed time. On the days when I work outside the home, dinner tends to be … Continue reading

What La Leche League Can Do For You

Yes, I sound like a PR person for La Leche League, I know. But really – how many of you think that La Leche League is an organization for radical breastfeeders? Hands up! Ok, check. That’s what I thought too. However, that was until I actually met the folks in our local group. Granted, LLL groups differ, but here is what you can expect from an LLL meeting. You can expect a well-run meeting, but one that is more casual than you might be used to if you’ve been in the corporate world. La Leche League meetings tend to have … Continue reading

When They Return: The Transition

In the Blended Family section, I tend not to focus on a lot of custody or divorce issues, simply because the focus of this blog is supposed to be on blended families, step families and the uniting of two established families. However, custody is a big part of a blended family, step family or otherwise when it involves children on one or both sides. Therefore, it seems only natural that it should go in this section. In my eight years of divorce, and then eventually living in a blended family, I have definitely been through my fair share of visitations … Continue reading

Custody Issues: What’s Wrong When They Get Home?

Custody is such a huge issue both in the single parenting world and the step family or blended family world. It was difficult to decide which category to put this in, but since blended families are usually faced with multiple custody issues, I thought this the best place. There are so many different aspects of custody to talk about, but one of the most common series of complaints I hear is in regards to visitation and returning home. This deals with getting home late, too early, with or without their belongings, with new items and more commonly, the general transition … Continue reading

Baby Blog Month in Review: July 2008

Two of my three children are summer babies. That is, they were born in the summer and had their first months surrounded by sunshine streaming in the windows, the sound of birds chirping, and days spent wearing nothing but a diaper and a “onsie.” I made sure that they had Fourth of July outfits ready, even though one of them arrived a week after the holiday. I guess he just wasn’t interested in the parade. Do you have a summer baby, too? We had a lot of new information to share this past month, such as recall notices and new … Continue reading

Deschooling in Upper Grades

Deschooling is a period of time a new homeschooler should take to decompress from the stresses of traditional school. Taking some time off from ‘education’ is especially important for a child who had a particularly hard time in school. In searching for the right amount of time a child should deschool when transitioning from traditional school to homeschool, I found that the consensus is that a child needs one month for every year that they spent in regular school. For a first or second grader, I suspect this deschooling time could be completed over the summer or even by just … Continue reading

Homeschool Week in Review March 31-April 5

05 Apr 2008 Second Grade Homeschool Basics by Andrea Hermitt Previous homeschool bloggers have given curriculum guides for the second grade according to subject. The purpose of this guide is to put all of the suggestions in one place allowing homeschoolers to build their own curriculum around the basics. Are Homeschooling Children School Phobic? by Andrea Hermitt According to a UK website for anxiety care, school phobia can and should be treated. According to this website (which is attempting to sell counseling services) school phobia or school refusal affects 5% of students and is most common among boys. The onset … Continue reading