Life Imitating Art: My Marriage and Friday Night Lights

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I could relate to an ordeal that Tami Taylor, a character on NBC’s Friday Night Lights, was going through. She and her husband were having a commuter marriage because he had accepted a coaching job in another town. Still in Texas but about two hours away from their home. She stayed behind so that her daughter could stay at her high school with her friends and so that Tami could keep her job. Being apart while a spouse is working elsewhere was something I could definitely relate to. Except in my … Continue reading

When My Husband’s Stressed…

The picture isn’t Wayne, I just thought it was funny… Life is H E Double Hockey Sticks! I’m a work-from-home/stay-at-home wife and pet parent. I have been for about eight years now. It was a big adjustment for both Wayne and I in the beginning. I had always been a working woman, was raised to be such, and had never planned on becoming “the woman of the house.” But when Wayne and I moved from Phoenix to Jacksonville –a move I didn’t want to make–Wayne enticed (a.k.a. bribed) me with the prospect of fulfilling my lifelong dream. The deal: I … Continue reading

Traveling Spouses and Stress

If you go into marriage knowing that your spouse will be gone often, it may be a bit easier to deal with, although it can still be stressful. However, when you start out doing everything together, and then your spouse’s new job takes him or her away often, it can be incredibly difficult to adjust. I know from experience. I barely slept at all the first time my husband had to take a trip. Even now, when he’s home for a long time in between trips, I get used to him being here. It makes me miss him even more … Continue reading

Danger in Not Turning in at the Same Time?

Yesterday in Pets I wrote about the case of the Wooded Rapist and the dog that helped crack the case. After I posted it, I made sure all the doors were locked, turned off all the lights, and then headed up to bed. Wayne was already in bed, so was my mom. Not unusual. Not out of the norm. It’s how the routine goes most nights. If I’m not staying up to bang out a few more articles at the keyboard, I have homecaring duties to tend to. Every so often it’s not work, but a chance to catch up … Continue reading

Dear Santa, May I Please Have Some Patience?

Dear Santa, I know this is a last minute request seeing how it’s Christmas Eve and all. I’m sure the elves already have your sleigh loaded and ready to make tonight’s rounds. But I was wondering if you could possibly spare room for one last thing? I’m not asking for a lot. Just a little Patience to get me through until I can refill my reserves on my own. A smidge stuffed in my stocking should do me. You see, I’ve tried very hard to be patient with my husband this year, but now I’m about all tapped out. First, … Continue reading

Thoughts on Long-Distancing It: How Commuter Marriages Are Born

Since July Wayne and I have had a long distance marriage. This past Friday night as I watched Friday Night Lights, I found myself sympathizing to the Kleenex degree with one of the show’s characters: Tami Taylor, played by Connie Britton. Tami’s Story of Separation On the show, Tami’s husband, Coach Taylor, got offered a coaching job at another school, this time a college but not one in their current hometown. It’s an offer he doesn’t want to pass up. However, instead of following him yet again like she has all through their marriage and his career, she decides to … Continue reading

Staying Connected When You’re Apart

If you or your spouse travels often, one or both of you probably ends up feeling a little lonely at times. While missing each other can have a positive affect on your relationship, it can also be stressful. Try some of these ideas for staying connected: Talk all Day and Night Obviously, you cannot literally talk to each other all day and all night long, but you can speak to each other several times throughout the day and the night. These don’t have to be long conversations – just a few moments to catch up and to let your spouse … Continue reading

Marriage Counseling-Part 1- Is Marriage Therapy Right for You?

If one’s marriage is in trouble it is important to seek professional help. Marriage counseling is one way of seeking outside help for your relationship. Marriage counseling is not for everyone. It is important before you and your partner seek marriage therapy that you consult with one another about what you hope to gain from the therapeutic relationship. Check in with one another and make sure that you are both committed to the experience and committed to seeing it through, prior to getting started. Once you have established a mutual commitment level you will want to ask yourselves a few … Continue reading

Happy Holidays: Welcome to December

Good morning and welcome to Friday, December 1st, there are just 24 shopping days left until Christmas. I’ve always wanted to write that for some reason and well, there you go, I’ve achieved a goal for myself in just a few keystrokes of typing. This month, we celebrate our first anniversary here at, last month we celebrated our 1000th post and much, much more. Our Holiday Plans This month we’re all going to be busy, we’re all making holiday plans, some of us are traveling, some of us are staying home – some of us celebrate with Santa Claus … Continue reading