Ways You Should Spend Your Money

Here in the Money department, I spend a lot of time talking about budgets and being conservative. But you know what—there are times when you need to spend money, and that’s what I’m focusing on today. Shoes – okay, you can probably get away with a pair of cheap flip-flops from time to time, but you do need to buy some good quality shoes. If you stand at work or you’re a runner or you’re going grocery shopping or doing any other kind of activity that requires you to spend time on a hard concrete floor, you need the support … Continue reading

Treating Money as a Resource

I’m not sure exactly when the green movement started, but I remember the celebration of the first Earth Day. It’s only been in my lifetime that we’ve really brought the environment into the forefront of our focus, even though we’ve been encouraged for longer than that to recycle and make the most of the things we have. We’re encouraged to use less water, less electricity, less paper, and to reuse as much as we can. Every day, we hear tips on how to conserve energy and how to preserve these precious resources we’ve been given. Today I got to thinking … Continue reading

Focus on the Candidates – Ted Cruz

This blog is part of the series that focuses on the candidates who are running for President of the United States in 2016. This blog focuses on Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to an American mother and a Cuban father. Ted Cruz has since renounced his Canadian citizenship. He was Solicitor General for the state of Texas from 2003-2008. Ted Cruz was first elected as a Texas Senator in 2012. You might recall him reading “Green Eggs and Ham” on CSPAN during the government shutdown of 2013. Health Care According to his Senate website, Ted … Continue reading

Parents of Kids With Autism Don’t Always Trust Pediatricians

Parents have to place a tremendous amount of trust in whomever they select as their child’s pediatrician. Researchers found that parents of kids with autism often don’t trust their pediatricians, and, that some pediatricians doubt their own knowledge about treating autism. A new study validates what previous studies have found. It also backs up what many parents of children who have autism feel about their pediatricians. There is a certain amount of distrust happening. The research involved interviews with 20 parents who had children between the ages of three to five. The children had an autism spectrum disorder. It also … Continue reading

Want to Learn More About Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud has been described as a crime that other people commit, but that you end up paying for. When a consumer commits insurance fraud, it costs the insurance company money, which can cause the insurance company to increase the cost of insurance for all customers, not just for the one that committed fraud. Do you understand what insurance fraud is? Would you like to learn more about it? The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud is an excellent resource to help consumers to know more about what insurance fraud is, what to do if your insurance company isn’t treating you right, … Continue reading

Two Dozen Motivating Reasons to Lose Weight:

I’m happy to be guestwriting in this blog. You can also find me at the Adoption Blog here on Families.com, where I’ve written for over 2 1/2 years. Our responses to food are often not totally planned. Try programming your brain to think in new ways by reading, every morning and evening, your reasons for losing weight and possible things you can tell yourself in a tempting or difficult situation. Here are two dozen of my most serious motivations for losing weight. (My next blog will share two dozen more light-hearted–but sometimes no less motivating–reasons.)Maybe some of them are yours. … Continue reading

Probiotics and the Rotavirus

As we learned from tiggermom3 here at Families.com, the rotovirus can be a scary and dangerous virus, especially when it hits young children. My eldest child contracted it when he was less than three months old, and it was a trying time. Although he didn’t wind up in the hospital as so many babies do when they get dehydrated from the illness, it was still a hard thing for him and for us to go through. When the rotavirus vaccine was released, I was happy to have my next two children vaccinated. But vaccinations aren’t for everyone. Now, here is … Continue reading