Don’t Let Christmas Guilt Cost You More

I have been hearing murmurs about Christmas guilt as the big day gets closer. People are second guessing their decisions to not buy for the extended family. People are thinking that just one item may not satisfy their children. People feel bad for leaving out teachers, mail men, co-workers. People are worried about what they will do if someone gives them a gift if they did not give them anything back. It’s enough to make me want to hide in my room until January first. During the last month or perhaps longer most of use frugal people have seriously considered … Continue reading

Frugal Ideas for The Christmas Sweater

Some time ago I wrote about my frugal exception. In this blog I described the one thing that I really couldn’t cut corners on. My secret is that I never purchase used shoes. I prefer to get these new. I nearly forgot about my Christmas sweater obssession. I love Christmas sweaters and try to get a enw one very year. But buying a somewhat gaudy sweater that I will only wear for one season is a collosal waste of money. Here are some furgual tips that I used to enjoy the Christmas sweater season each each year. 1. Keep it … Continue reading

I’ll Be Staying Home on Black Friday

I have been sufficiently barraged by advertisements and am well aware of the upcoming sales on Black Friday. Sure, the thought of $3.00 toasters and blender from Target, and sweater dresses from Kohl’s are very appealing, I am not swayed enough to leave my home on Black Friday. Sure, there will be lots of sales that I won’t be able to get my hands on later, but the chance of actually being able to get my hands on those items is slim to none. “There are some caveats. Included in the fine print amongst the Black Friday advertisements and circulars … Continue reading

Creating a Meaningful Christmas on a Budget

So many families are struggling right now with the economy and are wondering what to do about Christmas and gifts for the kids. The stores are still screaming about deals, deal and deals. The kids see commercials for the latest hot toys that seem to cost more than my first car ever did. Examining the family budget, many of us are deciding to spend less this year, including on Christmas gifts. I think this is a blessing in disguise. What better time is there to make a meaningful Christmas for the kids, and well, for everyone. Participate in Operation Christmas … Continue reading

Frugal Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments can certainly be expensive. A single ordinary ornament can cost on average $5! Many fancier ornaments cost up to $25! At these prices, you may have to chose between decorating your tree and paying your mortgage for the month. There are ways, of course, that you can decorate your Christmas tree without spending a lot of money. Try some of the following ideas. I’ve included generally ornaments and even some that would be great for a theme. Just think, you could have a designer tree without the designer prices. For no-fuss tree decorating, just hit your local … Continue reading

Trendy Home Made Christmas Gifts

Yes, I know Christmas is still two months away, but what better time to get started on making some great Christmas gifts. Forget the old crocheted pot holders. While they may be nice, they certainly aren’t the most requested on everyone’s wish list. Instead take a look at what the trends say are going to be the hottest requested and given gifts this Christmas season. Home made gifts are definitely in for this season, probably because everyone is so budget conscious. The best part of these trendy gifts is that you can make them yourself frugally. Give gifts of your … Continue reading

Great Green Gifts

Here are some gifts that makes it easy to be green. Choose one or all for the people on your Christmas list, and your gifts may be remembered for generations to come. It’s an ornament; not it’s an herb; no, it’s both! Green Mountain Energy offers a very innovative gift. It is a Christmas tree ornament that can be planted. In the shape of a leaf, it is composed of paper pulp and seeds. The seeds grow into a cilantro plant. As a bonus, for each ornament that is purchased, the company will sow a tree seedling. One mature tree … Continue reading

Disney Fostering Holiday Greed?

At the beginning of November Disney announced its 2009 “Most Wanted Holiday Toys,” including 12 reasonably-priced toys, labeled “A Dozen Deals Under $25.” The dozen deals list is as follows: *Disney Fairies Tink’s Balloon Playset *Disney Fairies Secret Jewelry Box *Handy Manny Flicker The Flashlight *Mickey’s Mouse-Ke-Tag Game *Minnie Mouse Cupcake Set (Disney Store exclusive) *Disney Princess: The Princess and the Frog Princess Tiana Cooking Set (Disney Store exclusive) *Disney Princess Tiana Classic Doll (Disney Store exclusive) *Disney Princess Tiana Just One Kiss Doll *Disney-Pixar’s Cars Die-Cast: Neon Light up and Lenticular collections *Disney-Pixar’s Cars Toons assortment *Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story … Continue reading

Frugalista Fashions: Time for a Coat Makeover

I recently wrote about how to update your old boots to get another year’s wear. (Frugalista Fashions: Making your old boots look new) You will be happy to know that you can do the same thing with your old winter coats in order to avoid purchasing a new winter coat this year. In the blog, Periodic Elements of Style, the blogger shows off an old coat before and after updating alterations. The changes are quite beautiful, not to mention, cost effective. Likewise, the Today Show recently did a coat makeover fashion show pointing out that the changes could cost from … Continue reading

How to Create Your Own Fruit Basket Arrangement for Less

There is a company that makes the most beautiful flower-like arrangements out of edible fruit. They are as expensive as they are beautiful. In addition to this gift being expensive, the perishable nature of the fruit used in these baskets necessitates consuming the gift immediately, or allowing it to go to waste. While these ready made baskets are beautiful and make great gifts for dinner parties and other special occasions, they are also very expensive. It occurs to me that should you want to give a gift of this type you can both make it yourself and use a combination … Continue reading