Our Very Own Testimonies of Faith

I have been asked several times why I believe what I do. I know some people expect to hear that I have always known my faith because I grew up in church, or that I believe as I do because the Bible says it’s true. I’m much more of a skeptic than that! I, like many others want to know why things work. Unfortunately, if all we’re searching for is additional proof, it kind of defeats the point of faith. The Bible tells us in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things … Continue reading

The Lighthouse

I was browsing eBay today and came across some certified prints from one of my favorite artists, Thomas Kinkade. One in particular of a lighthouse really inspired me to write. Well, actually, what it did was remind me of a song sung by the Christian band Audio Adrenaline called “Lighthouse” (lyrics provided at the bottom of this article). I began to think of my life and what it was like when I was drifting aimlessly while my eyes were shut. I can recall the spiritual battle for my soul; one side encouraging me to open my eyes and fix them … Continue reading

Biblical Encouragement for Those in Waiting

The holiday times were by far the most difficult for me to bear while waiting for our boys. I know there are others that can relate to the longing feeling around this time as well. To be honest, I’m not sure how I would have sustained sanity without my faith in Christ and His ability during the dark period in my life of waiting to be a mother. Perhaps the most inspirational book of the Bible for me during this time was the Book of Psalms. David committed sins beyond what most of us have, was loved by God and … Continue reading

Changing Seasons

Have you ever had a feeling like something in your life was about to change; like a new chapter or season in your life is about to begin? That’s kind of where I’ve been for while now. In the past, prior to knowledge of a move, promotion or placement of a child in our home, I’ve had this feeling too. Maybe it’s just becoming familiar with the first tastes of a new season; like the crispness in the morning as autumn has approached, or the fragrant air of spring. Since I’m not sure exactly what God’s plans are for my … Continue reading