Watch Out for Labels Like “Lazy” and “Spoiled”

I always cringe when I hear parents refer to their children with a blatantly negative label. Words like “lazy” and “spoiled” have such negative connotations and carry with them such baggage that it seems unfair to brand a child lazy or spoiled (or nasty or mean, etc.). Instead of labeling and complaining about a “lazy” child, why not look to the behaviors and see what can be done? The problem with labels (okay, there are many problems with labels) is that they can brandish a child in a negative way and make it tough for the child or the parent … Continue reading

Truly Lazy or Just Not Interested?

I think we parents have a tendency to worry that our children will be or are lazy if they don’t do all the things we think they should be doing. BUT, are they truly lazy—or is it just that they are not embracing our ideas of what they ought to be doing with their time? Is it really just a matter of them not caring about what we care about? Or should we be worried about their motivation and activity level? I find that my kids can get pretty motivated—get out of bed early, work long hours, and stay focused—on … Continue reading

When You Think the Other Parent is a Slacker

I know that there are divorced, separated, and other versions of co-parents who manage to have lovely, equal, 50/50 relationships and share completely in co-parenting their children. For most of us, however, that just is not the case. I wrote yesterday about how I still get occasionally angry about the realistic imperfections of my world as a single parent and thought we could take the discussion a step further. I know that we are not all full custodial parents here, but for those of us who are, or who have joint custody, it can be challenging and frustrating when the … Continue reading

Be Sure to Say “Thanks” when They do What they Should!

Do not underestimate the power of a well-placed “Thank you!” when it comes to parenting your child. You might be surprised how much of an effect a genuine and heartfelt nod of appreciation can have on your child. As long as you don’t abuse it, remembering to say thanks and show appreciation when your child does something he or she is supposed to do—can go a long way in making the fluke turn into habit. We parents spend so much time telling our children what we want them to do, what they should and shouldn’t do, and what we would … Continue reading

Ella Minnow Pea – Mark Dunn

I truly enjoyed “Ella Minnow Pea,” a first novel by playwright Mark Dunn. By the time the book drew to a close, I was astounded and impressed by the ingenuity, cleverness, and humor of this author. Off the coast of South Carolina is a fictional island called Nollop. It was founded by a man named Nevin Nollop who, you will be greatly interested to know, was the inventor of the sentence, “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs.” Because of Nollop’s love of language, everyone on the island is very literate, uses a variety of long words to … Continue reading

Learning the Dvorak Keyboard

Back when I had wanted to be a medical transcriptionist, I had read up on Dvorak idea, and decided that if I was going to be a professional typist for the rest of my natural born life, I better do it in the easiest possible way for my body. I started that night on using the Dvorak keyboard. I won’t kid you–it was Hades for me at first. There is nothing worse than striking keys instinctively and seeing only gibberish on the screen. It is a mind-bending experience. Typing is instinctive. You don’t ponder and think and wonder about which … Continue reading