The Hottest Halloween Items of 2022

October is the best time of the year for people who absolutely love Halloween! This year, companies like McDonald’s and Squishmallows are taking part of the fun. Get them before they run out of stock or disappear after a limited amount of time. Bloomberg reported that McDonald’s has announced the return of the trick-or-treating trio. These are three, colorful, Happy Meal Pails that can double as a carrying case for kids who want to go trick-or-treating.  These colorful Halloween buckets first debuted in 1986, and could cause some nostalgia for parents who had one when they were kids. The Happy … Continue reading

Parents Might Underestimate Their Child’s Obesity

Your child isn’t obese, right? It’s just “baby weight” that will go away on its own. He’s big for his age, just like his dad was. She has inherited the big bones that run in the family. But, your child certainly couldn’t be obese. Are you sure? A study shows that parents can underestimate their child’s obesity. A study was published in the British Journal of General Practice in April of 2015. It was called “Child obesity cut-offs as derived from parental perceptions: cross-sectional questionnaire”. The purpose was to compare parental perception of their child’s weight with objectively derived assessment … Continue reading

Gen X Parents Raising Connected Children

The world has changed, in so many ways, between when you were a child and today. Parents who are part of Generation X are the first to raise children (and teens) in a world where the internet is so prevalent. Times have changed, in so many ways! The Washington Post has an article titled “Parenting as a Gen Xer: We’re the first generation of parents in the age of iEverything”. It was written by Allison Slater Tate and posted on September 19, 2014. In it, she comments on the difficulties faced by parent who can’t understand why their kids won’t … Continue reading

Newsies: Big Broadway Success

It may be one of my Most Underappreciated Disney Films, but it’s no flop on the stage: The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the Broadway version of “Newsies” has already recouped its expenses.  For a Broadway show that’s fast; in fact, “Newsies” sets a record for Disney Theatrical Productions as the show that’s made back the money spent to make it in the quickest amount of time. “Newsies” cost Disney Theatrical Productions $5 million.  It made that back in nine months after opening (on Broadway; its pre-Broadway run in New Jersey isn’t being counted here).  That’s even faster than Disney Broadway … Continue reading

Check Out These Disney-Inspired Outfits

This season legendary jeweler Chopard has created a special Haute Joaillerie line just for Harrods of London, one inspired by Walt Disney Princesses.  The co-president and artistic director of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele, is quoted on as saying, ““The world of Walt Disney has often been an inspiration for a variety of Chopard [pieces]. I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to design the famous Princesses’ pieces of jewelry.” I’m not a fan of jewelry, I never have been.  I have no interest in wearing pieces myself.  But I think these are really pretty to look at, … Continue reading

The Trouble with Toys

(If I step on these one more time I’m going to…) Actually, it’s not the toys I have trouble with; it’s the child owner who repeatedly neglects to pick-up said playthings despite various forms of yelling, nagging and threatening. Sound familiar? Then, you too can likely relate to that Febreze commercial where the mom places all of her kids’ stuffed animals in the toy box only to find them strewn back on the floor the instant she turns around. How many times have you seen that ad and thought, “That’s so my life”? Not the possessed toy part; rather, the … Continue reading

Disney Park Secrets: Working the Front Gate

Any Disney fan has wondered this at some point in his or her life: what would it be like to work at Disney? Be it for the movie division, at the parks, as an Imagineer, or even just in a Disney store, surrounded by the characters we grew up with, we’ve probably all thought about it at some point. So it’s fun to hear about what it could be like to work at the Happiest Place on Earth (or its East Coast sibling). Internet news/interest site Reddit has a feature called “Ask Me Anything,” wherein people, anyone from “Avengers” director … Continue reading

Learning When to Zip It

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve spilled a lot about my kid on this blog. A. Lot. Perhaps too much. Whereas it may not seem like it, I really do filter the information I share with the world about my child. For every one thing I reveal here, there are hundreds of personal tidbits I would never dream of publicizing, and as my daughter gets older, I plan to zip it even more. Even if she becomes an Olympic gold medalist. Ahem. Especially, if she becomes an Olympic gold medalist. You have to wonder if swimming superstar Ryan … Continue reading

Budget Busting Babies

Have you ever sat down and calculated how much money you’ve spent raising your child? Think about it; if you crunched the numbers from the moment you first discovered you were pregnant until today, the amount of cash you’ve likely dropped on your precious bundle of joy probably exceeds five figures. It’s no surprise that the cost associated with raising kids is a hot topic among parents. So much so that you can visit just about any baby-centric website these days and calculate how much a child will set you back financially. For example, features a handy dandy calculator … Continue reading

The Farmer’s Market Part II

As it turns out my daughter was fairing better than reported while I was taking my weekly early morning “mommy break” at the farmer’s market with my sister. I am not against taking the kids with me to the farmer’s market but being able to go by myself serves two purposes. First, I finally get a much needed break from my adorable children. Second, I am able to talk with the farmer’s about how they produce their food to ensure that I am getting truly local and chemical free products (it is shocking at how many vendors are not selling … Continue reading