Breast Feeding May Help Cut Mom’s Arthritis Risk Too

Subtitle: Yet Another Reason to Nurse a Toddler Why it is that as Americans we think that the proper age to wean is 12 months is beyond me. It defies all the medical research that is out there and also defies the current trend in the rest of the world. But yet again, here is another study that shows that breastfeeding is not only healthy for the baby but it’s healthy for the mother too. What’s particularly interesting to me about benefits that the mother gets from breastfeeding, is that those benefits are generally derived from a breastfeeding relationship that … Continue reading

Most Commented On Baby Blogs of 2007

As a means of reviewing the year, I always love to look at the blogs that had the most comments! Sometimes controversial blogs get noticed. Other times it has more to do with a topic of interest. Sometimes a commenter sparks a discussion. Regardless of the reason, these are the blogs that got the most comments in the baby blog in 2007! Is My Baby Gifted? How to Tell Merry Poison Free Christmas Dad’s Weird Things You Should Be Giving Your Baby Soda!! Why Breast Pumping Isn’t a Good Substitute for Breastfeeding Is Swaddling Overrated? Watching T.V. While Breastfeeding Unwanted … Continue reading

Valorie’s Breastfeeding Index

Later today I will post a review of the baby blog of 2007 so why does breastfeeding get its own category? Well, in part as an answer to readers who want to read what I’ve written on breastfeeding. I’ve written so much on breastfeeding at this point that you all have asked for an index of sorts so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. It’s also in part because I’ve become known as the breastfeeding lady. . .guru. . .whatever you want to call it. I’ve been at this breastfeeding business for a long time and many of … Continue reading

Breastmilk Myths Debunked

We have been having some interesting discussions in the forums about what to eat while you’re breastfeeding, largely stemming from misguided advice and perpetuated myths. There seems to be a general consensus among the grandma generation that what goes into your body comes out in your breast milk. Therefore, if you’re not eating healthy foods, or you indulge in something taboo, your baby is going to suffer when you breastfeed. So let’s be up front–breast milk is not made by what you eat. I thought I’d take some time to clear up a few myths. I Don’t Eat Healthy Enough … Continue reading

Baby Blog Week in Review: October 12 to October 17

Here is another edition of the week in review. The purpose of a week in review blog is to link all of the blogs from this past week in one place so that you can easily catch up on any missed reading. Friday, October 12 Why You Shouldn’t Give Cough or Cold Medicine to Your Baby The FDA recently issued a recall for all cough and cold medicines for children under the age of 6. They sited that they were ineffective and potentially dangerous. This blog gives some background on what led to this recommendation. Saturday, October 13 Weathering a … Continue reading

Unwanted Breastfeeding Advice: My Spare Breast

This blog is inspired by two happenings. The first is a thread in the forums about us poor moms who endure countless quips about when the baby will start formula, how we have to supplement or various other myths about breastfeeding. The second happening is my own unwanted breastfeeding advice wrought down upon me by my daughter falling down the stairs and sustaining a large goose egg on the forehead. . .but let me back up. One of the twins fell down the stairs this weekend. As is my custom when my children are hurt like this, I proceeded to … Continue reading