Home Based Businesses Can Be As Unique As You Are

This weekend, I was able to see first – hand a variety of products and services that are made and offered by home – based professionals. I took a trip to Maine to attend the Common Ground Fair, which is an event that focuses on sustainability and environmental awareness. There were many things to do and see, and as I went along I realized that many of the people selling food and other items at the fair are home – based professionals. There were many food vendors, and some of the vendors whose delicious dishes I tasted were home – … Continue reading

Business Idea – Cupcake Bakery

If you are looking to start a home – based baking business, you may be able to have a very specific niche business if you live in an area where there are enough potential customers to support your business. Cupcakes are a very popular item lately, and they are popping up everywhere from birthday parties and baby showers to swankier soirees like weddings and gala fundraising events. One of the best things about cupcakes is you can employ both your culinary skills and your creative skills when you make them. When you make your business plan for your home – … Continue reading

Home Based Business Idea – Caterer

If your friends and family are constantly complimenting the meals and snacks that you prepare, you may be able to share your culinary skills with a larger audience by becoming a home – based caterer. There is always a demand for catering services and while owning and operating a catering business can be very demanding it can also be very rewarding. It’s also a great way to engage your creative talents. Before you get started on the fun part of designing your products and menus, write up a very thorough business plan to make sure that you have everything covered. … Continue reading

A List of Cheap and and Nutritious Kids Snacks

Sure we could go out to Target and load up on pre-wrapped and pre-boxed snacks for the kids, but that quickly gets expensive. Plus those snacks can get boring pretty quickly. This is why manufacturers are constantly reinventing the packaging, or the colors or the flavors of their standard snacks in order to spark new interest in their products. With the kids being close to being out of school, we are going to need some seriously cheap snacks around here for them and for their friends. They have to be cheap, too. With summer, I can be more flexible, since … Continue reading

Value Versus Price – When Not To Go Cheap

It is often said that you get what you pay for. Sometimes this statement is true, and sometimes it isn’t. I often find myself saving money at the grocery store because many store brand products, at least at the grocery stores where I shop, taste as good as or better than their pricier name brand counterparts. However, there are certain purchases where getting a good value does not necessarily mean going with the lowest sticker price. Early last year, when it was time for my oldest son to transition out of his infant car seat (which is of high quality) … Continue reading

Music and Movement: Entertainment at the Animal Kingdom

My earliest Disney memory that doesn’t have to do with the movies is of the Disney World Christmas Day Parade. That’s what I knew about Disney parks before I processed the whole theme park thing: I thought of parades featuring Disney characters. Of course now that I know more about Disney World I realize that my early assumptions about what the park meant weren’t so far off base; there are daily parades with various characters all over Disney World, and they’re not limited to the Magic Kingdom. The Animal Kingdom has in fact two of its own parades: Mickey’s Jammin’ … Continue reading

Mark Ruffalo Talks Fracking

Academy Award nominated actor Mark Ruffalo appeared on “The Colbert Report” last night to talk about fracking – hydro-fracking in particular. I’ve blogged about fracking before. It is the practice of drilling for natural gas using a combination of water and chemicals. The fluid is injected into shale, which causes fractures in the rock, which releases the natural gas. The problem is many believe this method of extracting natural contaminates local drinking water. I remember reading an article about the pros and cons of fracking in PEOPLE magazine. One lady, I cannot remember what state she lived in, was actually … Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Almonds: A miracle of taste and health!

When I get on a kick I keep kicking. Currently I am on an almond kick. After reading about all the health benefits of almonds I am determined to find almond alternatives to my snacking and meals. I have spoken many times about my love for snacking and my quest to find healthy tasty snacks. I have found quite a few and now to add to my list is Blue Diamond Chocolate Covered Almonds. Why Almonds? Almonds are very healthy for you containing rich sources of: *vitamin E *calcium *iron *magnesium In addition almonds contain zinc, niacin, copper, and selenium. … Continue reading

New Uses For Everyday Items

I’m always looking for ways to make cleaning easier and less of a hassle and I love when I find unusual ways to clean ordinary things. Here are some of my most recent finds: *Baby oil to polish chrome. You can use this on everything from hubcaps to faucets, pretty nifty. You can also use it to shine a stainless steel sink after you clean it. It might be my imagination but it seems to keep it cleaner longer as well. *Broom to dust. You know those out of reach cobwebs and light fixtures? Just wrap your broom with an … Continue reading

Business Idea – Cake Decorating

If you have a knack for baking and you are able to make your sweet creations look as good as they taste, you may want to begin a cake decorating business. One great thing about a cake decorating business is that it can be as small or as large as you want it to be. Cake decorating tools are widely available, as are books about how to decorate cakes and books with design ideas. There are even cake decorating classes that you can take if you do not wish to teach yourself cake decorating at home. Within cake decorating you … Continue reading