6 Uses for Used Calendars

Don’t throw out that 2007 calendar just yet. It might be 2008, but there is no reason to let something like that go to waste. After you have recorded the dates and other information you want to remember, follow these creative and clever ideas to use that old calendar in a new way. Nearly every calendar has a pretty picture for each month, here are some ideas to use those pictures. They make a fun and creative gift wrap for small packages. You would wrap the same way you would wrap with wrapping paper leaving the date part on the … Continue reading

House Keys

Do your kids have keys to your home? It’s a big responsibility, one many parents don’t want to start too early. So, what do you do if your kids get home before you do sometime and they can’t get in? It’s not a very good idea to stash a key under the mat, on top of the door frame, or in a nearby planter, because those are the first places a housebreaker will look. I’ve heard of people hiding keys in a dog house, knowing that intruders wouldn’t be able to get past the dog to get the key. I’ve … Continue reading

Use Nail Polish Everywhere

With the trends and fashions changing daily, those bottles of nail polish might be obsolete before you can spread a second coat. However, if you find yourself with bottles of nail polish that might not be your color, or be fashionable anymore, there are dozens of ways you can use the rest of the polish in the bottle. Remote Control – Use glow in the dark nail polish to light up frequently pressed remote control buttons. This way when you want to change the channel or turn the volume up, and you’re in the dark, you can see it! Paint … Continue reading

Creative Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls

Not sure about anyone else, but in our house we go through toilet paper like it’s water. It’s absolutely crazy. I can walk into a bathroom at the end of the week to empty the trash can and there will be four empty toilet paper rolls in there! I won’t even ask what they are using it for, or better yet, how much they are using of it. That part seems to be obvious. Of course, we have five children who essentially share one bathroom, so there’s bound to be a lot used anyway. So what can you do with … Continue reading

Great Uses for Toothpaste

Sometimes we wind up with a lot of tubes of toothpaste. For our family, we kept getting free samples in the mail. And then we would purchase one, perhaps a new flavor, and nobody would really like it. So I began researching ways to use toothpaste for other things besides just brushing my teeth. Burns Toothpaste is awesome on a burn. It helps relieve the burning feeling, and it’s like an instant cool. Do not use on open blisters or bad burns. Polisher You can use toothpaste as a silver polisher. It also works to help get scratches off CD’s … Continue reading

Reuse Your Egg Cartons

Egg cartons are plentiful. Beyond having your own, usually your friend and family would be happy to donate them to you as well. Schools are always on the lookout for egg cartons, because they can create great school projects with them! Caterpillars, snakes, and ornaments are just a few. But there are several ways you can use egg cartons around your home to not only organize stuff, but to just reuse something rather than throwing it away. I’m a firm believer in trash to treasure and an egg carton is no exception. Try a few of these and save! Packing … Continue reading

Five Uses for Dryer Sheets, plus one

Dryer sheets, also known as fabric softener sheets are inexpensive, and can be purchased anywhere that sells laundry supplies. Your clothes come out of the dryer smelling wonderful and don’t stick together. But there are dozens of uses for these cheap little squares, here are a few of my favorites. Caked On Food If you are having trouble getting baked on food out of a casserole dish, fill it with hot water. Add a fabric softener sheet. Let it soak for a couple of hours and then rinse. Most of the caked on food will slide right out, and the … Continue reading

Great Uses For Lemons

Lemons are a delicious addition to drinks, meat and soups. They are cheap and easy to find. But are there other ways you can use a lemon besides the traditional flavor boost to drinks and other foods? The are lots of other ways to use this delicious citrus fruit. Coffee Stains You know what I’m talking about. Those stains that look unsightly on the inside of your coffee pot, carafe or thermos? Want to remove those stains? Just add a couple of lemon wedges, ice cubes and salt. Stir it all together vigorously. The acid in that lemon juice will … Continue reading

More Frugal Uses for Vinegar

There are still loads of ways you can use vinegar around your house. I’ve already given you a bunch. I’m often asked, what’s the best type of vinegar to use. Well, I always use a white distilled vinegar. I’ve never tried anything else, so I have no idea what the other kinds would do. But I do know that a white distilled vinegar works wonders! Here are a few more of my favorite uses: Brass Polish Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of vinegar and stir in flour until it becomes a paste. Apply the paste to the … Continue reading

Frugal Uses For Baking Soda

Baking soda is another one of those inexpensive, versatile products. It can be used for so many different things around the house. Being a frugal mom, I’ve found dozens upon dozens of uses for baking soda around the house in every room! These are just a few of my favorite uses. Diaper Rash Soother Put a half cup of baking soda in a warm bath. Soak for around 10-20 minutes. Let the skin air dry after the bath, and the diaper rash is almost better. I bet there is no pain and by the next day, it’s gone! Carpet Deodorizer … Continue reading