Gardening As A Whole Curriculum

Now that spring is here, most states are starting to thaw out and warm up. This an excellent time to begin a garden, no matter how small, and teach the kids about botany, art, vocabulary, water conservation, nutrition, and so much more. I’m a firm believer in getting the most bang for my buck and most use out of every moment. Each lesson you teach your kids can incorporate many subjects, not just the most obvious one at hand. Gardening is no different. The house we live in now has a nice back and front yard, but even when we … Continue reading

How to Make a Garden Tool Holder

With the fall comes a lot of yard cleanup, fall planting, and in some parts of the world, even some snow shoveling. Keeping all of those tools organized and in good shape can be difficult when the tools are just thrown in a garage or shed, or even worse, left outside. Brooms especially should be stored with the bristles facing up and off of the ground. Brooms, rakes, hoes, shovels, axes and anything on a post will be wonderfully organized with this idea for a garden tool holder. For organization, forget buying a fancy system. It can get expensive. And … Continue reading

Ideas for Using Leftover Easter Eggs

Don’t throw your money away by letting your Easter eggs go to waste! Being frugal means conserving what you have and reusing what you can. Here are some great ways to use up both the Easter eggs and the shells. Every year around Easter time, my kids get so excited at the idea of decorating Easter eggs. If it were up to them they would decorate at least three or four dozen eggs before they got tired. Normally I try to restrict them to about 12 to 18 eggs. After all, there are just so many hard boiled eggs I … Continue reading

Frugal Gardening: Have A Seed Exchange

Spring is just around the corner, and now is the time to start thinking of all of those lovely veggies, flowers and other plants for your garden. You may already be starting your seeds indoors, or at least planning your outdoor garden. And don’t forget to focus on growing your own food–that is the most frugal gardening of all! There are plenty of ways to have a frugal garden, from recycling items to use the garden to taking advantage of sales on supplies. But one of the greatest ways to be frugal in your garden is to score some free … Continue reading

Real Kitchen Uses for Egg Cartons

Most people think of crafts when they think of reusing egg cartons. I think the association is ingrained in us from a very young age. We then pass the empty egg carton equals kid’s craft mentality on to our own kids. Many many years from now, when eggs come in some sort of space-age liquid gel packaging, we will still be able to buy empty egg cartons at the craft stores. Regardless of all of that, there are still many other uses for the humble egg carton, as you may have read about in my earlier egg carton related blogs. … Continue reading

Using Egg Cartons in The Garden

Why throw away a valuable resource? Use egg cartons in your garden and save money! In an earlier blog, Real Storage Solutions Using Egg Cartons, I shared some of the great ways you can use egg cartons to store your stuff. Now in this blog, I’ll cover some great ways to use them in the garden. Reuse your egg cartons. Your garden and your wallet will appreciate it. There is no need to buy those expensive seed starter pots when you have egg cartons around. The carton, paper or foam, can be used to start seeds. The wells aren’t very … Continue reading

The 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my frugal love gave to me… A washed out Ziploc bag-gie * On the second day of Christmas my frugal love gave to me… Two darned socks and a washed out Ziploc bag-gie * On the third day of Christmas my frugal love gave to me… Three Sawdust toilets Two darned socks and a washed out Ziploc bag-gie * On the fourth day of Christmas my frugal love gave to me… Four thrift store bargains Three Sawdust toilets Two darned socks and a washed out Ziploc bag-gie * On the fifth day of Christmas … Continue reading

A Guide to Inexpensive Composting 3

Have you ever thought about composting? It is a frugal way to nourish your garden and produce less trash. I have been talking about creating an inexpensive compost bin. If you missed the first two parts of this series, you can read them now here A Guide to Inexpensive Composting and here A Guide to Inexpensive Composting 2. Once a week or so, mix your compost. You can do this by rolling the can around a bit or using a shovel or pitchfork to mix it all up. I know, we are supposed to add things in layers, right? But … Continue reading

A Guide to Inexpensive Composting 2

Composting can be very frugal for at least two reasons. The first is that it provides you with a free, nutrient plant-food for your garden. The second reason is that it reduces the amount of garbage you produce. If you pay for your garbage by the bag or pound, there is an immediate savings there. And you’ll also save on garbage bags, as well. In the first part of this series on inexpensive composting, I talked about getting started with building your own easy compost bin. Now, here is part 2. Place the compost bin (your garbage can) in a … Continue reading

A Guide to Inexpensive Composting

Yesterday, we had a really nice play date with two fellow moms and their kids. At snack time, the kids were eating some tangerines, and as one of the moms peeled the orange skin, she asked if we composted. We don’t. Composting is something that I have been thinking about doing ever since we moved here about a year ago, but to tell the truth, I was a little intimidated by it. I didn’t really know where to start with composting, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted rotting garbage in our around my home. But, it is time that … Continue reading