The Proof of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Normally my wife and I avoid this holiday like the plague. It is far too sickeningly sweet and filled with faux intentions and proclamations for us to put a great deal of effort into the day itself. This Valentine’s Day, though, we decided to have a good time at home, with each other, and not be too concerned about the hustle and bustle of restaurants, shopping centers, and other items covered in paper red or glossy pink hearts. We realized that we had what I’ll call a “proof of love” built into our day already. What … Continue reading

Choosing a Wedding Date

What made you choose your wedding date? Did that date have special meaning for you or was it a case of what was available? Does the date matter? For us, it was a date already meaningful. It was a date I already had inscribed on one ring -the friendship ring Mick gave me. Exactly two years to the date and as close as we could get it to the hour and minute that Mick put my engraved friendship ring on my right hand, he was putting my wedding ring on the left ring finger of my left hand. It was … Continue reading

The Marriage Blog Week in Review for February 11-17

Due to the observance of a major love holiday last week, the main focus of many articles in Marriage revolved around that. Here’s how Lyn and I covered all things Valentine’s Day and beyond. Monday, February 11 I wondered what mattered more to you with rings, quality or quantity. Lyn observed the kind of realms talk show and relationships spark around Valentine’s Day. Tuesday, February 12 I listed places for the romantically challenged to find online help. Lyn reflected on how some people just need somebody because they can’t stand being single. Wednesday, February 13 I weighed in with Rule … Continue reading

Celebrating Our Proposalversary

For Wayne and I today is more than just Valentine’s Day. It’s also our Proposalversary! We’re celebrating Proposalversary number 14. Hard to believe it was Valentine’s Day 1994 when Wayne (finally!) proposed. Seems like just yesterday! Or maybe I want the memory to linger since it was such a long time coming. (If you’re curious about the “proposal story,” such as it is, see: Shopping for Engagement Rings: Go With or Be Surprised?) Neither of us was expecting to be together today. Wayne’s been busy with work so he was even more at a disadvantage than me. I at least … Continue reading

Chaotic Cat Chronicles: What Pretty Roses…

Today as part of our Proposalversary celebrations, Wayne surprised me by having half a dozen red roses delivered to the house. (a.k.a. My place of business.) The flowers are for me, but try telling that to the cats. Shredded Petals Make Such a Pretty Mess Pre-Tabby, Mr. Meow was bad enough on his own about getting into flowers. Roses are most definitely his favorite. I don’t know that he actually eats the petals. Mainly he loves to pluck the petals to pieces. (Leaving a trail of shreds in his wake.) Now whether Tabby would’ve developed this trait on her own … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Proposalversaries: Facts and Figures

Yes, today is Valentine’s Day, but if you happened to get proposed to on Valentine’s Day then it’s also your Proposalversary. I was curious about how many couple’s get engaged on Valentine’s Day so I tried to find some statistics. I was kind of surprised by what I learned. For one thing, who knew the U.S. Census Bureau kept (sort of) certain statistics of the nature I was looking for? For another, there were at least two other days I hadn’t even considered that were quite popular proposal days. I listed these and all my other revelations below. Did You … Continue reading