Ways to Help Kids Eat Healthier

Most parents realize that a diet of soda and candy isn’t a healthy choice. What’s a parent to do if their child is a picky eater who refuses fruit and vegetables? There are ways to help kids to eat healthier that don’t involve dramatic fights at the dinner table. Jane E. Brody wrote an article for the New York Times in August of 2015. The article is titled “Another Approach to Raising Healthy Eaters”. In this article, she shares her experience as a child who was a picky eater. She provides some enlightening insights for parents who have a child … Continue reading

Does Your Toddler Boss You Around?

Today was an interesting day, as are most days with a toddler. From the moment that he woke up this morning until the time that he went to bed this evening, Dylan wanted everything to be a very specific way and he wanted it immediately. I did the best that I could to keep up with the stream of demands, but I seemed to always fall short or miss the mark. For example, at breakfast, I made another batch of mini – frittatas just for him because he would not touch the ones with vegetables in them. As they were … Continue reading

Pick Your Own Fun This Summer

Summer is here, and if you are looking for a fresh and fun idea for something to do with your toddler, why not visit a pick – your – own farm or orchard. The selection of fruits or vegetables that are available will, of course, depend upon where you live. Right now in Vermont, strawberries are ripe for the picking, as are some raspberries. Blueberries are almost ready too. There’s nothing like watching your toddler gleefully enjoy a bounty of berries as you try to fill a container without him eating them all. Berries are fun to find among the … Continue reading

Veggie Enchilada Recipe for Playgroup

It is that time again – playgroup at our house. I will have 8 – 10 little toddlers running around the house. I love hosting playgroup, but I am never quite sure what to serve as a main dish. My little sweetie (who, by the way, refused to eat the vegetable muffins I blogged about earlier) thinks of yogurt as a main dish, but I want to serve something everyone will enjoy. I still have not decided what to serve, but I am thinking about this scrumptious recipe: Veggie Enchiladas Maybe our kids are different, but they seem to love … Continue reading