Virginia Tech Shooting Anniversary

I am sure that we all can remember the devastation that took place at the Virginia Tech campus. It was one of the worst shootings in all of school and university history. If the story did not touch your life in some way personally, many of you were touched through the news reporting and media. The school suffered great sadness and loss after the shootings. Many were criticized and feelings raged high. Still today families and school administrators are trying to cope with and make sense of the happenings that took place on that day. Today, here we are one … Continue reading

Education Week in Review: April 12 – April 18

This week in education has been very interesting. Not only have the education topics been hot in the blogs but also over in the forums. Check them out! Saturday, April 12 End of Year Behavior Trouble The end of the year is typically full of discipline troubles for all ages of children. The thoughts of school getting out soon for summer break and the rising boredom with class both contribute to trouble for teachers. Monday, April 14 Opinions About Other Teachers We all form opinions about others. Teachers also form opinions about other teachers. We have feelings on which teachers … Continue reading