The Big Stick at the Park

Like most people living in a city or suburb we have a park within walking distance. It’s got big grassy fields, a swing set, a playground, and even a half basketball court and a place to play tennis. How did we get so lucky? It’s really a great place to take a short walk towards. A chance to get outside a little bit. Breathe some fresh air. Look at the leaves on the trees. Smell the roses. It’s also a great place to stay for a while. As a former child myself, it’s a place to remember how much energy … Continue reading

Big Apple Helping Fitness Fanatics Take a Bite Out of Healthier Living

If you travel around New York City via the subway you may have been pleasantly surprised to see expletive-free reading material posted in select cars this week. The new additions come courtesy of the city Health Department and while they may not make you as sick as the graffiti they help cover up, the posters still have some riders clutching their stomachs. After reading that your burrito lunch (complete with sour cream and guacamole) contained more than half the calories you should eat in a day, you should be feeling ill. The informative posters that now hang in about 1,000 … Continue reading

Walking Across the USA

A survey from the American Podiatric Medical Association looked at five hundred cities around the United States and ranked them based on walkability. The researchers looked for things like green spaces for walking, what percentage of the population walks to work, how safe the streets are, and more. Here are some of the winners! I’m pleased to see my own new home of Portland, Oregon made the list, thanks to the efforts of the community to make the town more walkable. Other towns that are working to improve walkability include Trenton, NJ, Denver, CO, and Kansas City, MO. There are … Continue reading

Celebrating Mother’s Day in the Big Easy and the Big Apple

Mother’s day is May 11th… do you know what you are getting for the special lady in your life? If a new vacuum just won’t do this year consider sending mom to relax and rejuvenate with some of her best gal pals. Tour operators along with several lodgings across the country are offering incredible Mother’s Day travel deals that will surely get you in mom’s good graces. The following bargains are tailored to moms who enjoy big city life. Whether you take advantage of the Mother’s Day packages being offered in the Big Easy or in the Big Apple you … Continue reading

Walking the Big Apple

We love to walk. With the exception of that week in Paris last year, when our 2 ½ year old daughter asked to be picked up and carried, every single day and always before our rented apartment in the 6th arrondissement was even out of sight, we walk almost everywhere the suburban layout of our town allows (which, sadly, is not very much). But in Paris, she couldn’t even make it to the curb on her own two feet! In New York, however, she is infinitely more willing to match us stride for stride, which is a very good thing … Continue reading

Dad’s Losing It: Taking a Bite of a Big Apple

Another week in the books, but I am not celebrating. My daughter was home sick for much of this week and by the time my home life was straightened out (shuttled her to Grandmom’s so we could put in a full day or two at the office), I had school on Thursday evening and felt terrible on Friday morning. I woke in the middle of the night on Friday with a case of the freezing cold shakes, of the teeth-chattering variety. I woke for good at 6:30 A.M. to an ultra-sore body (and a bloody nose thrown in for good … Continue reading

Little People in the Big Apple: Central Park Zoo and FAO Schwartz

I had intended to write more about taking small children around in New York City but we were so busy. . .taking small children around. . .that I hadn’t quite gotten to it until now! In any case, my timing is good, because the holidays are upon us and that is an absolutely fantastic time to see New York City! If you have little travelers and you are visiting New York City soon. . .read on! I am giving you the insider’s scoop of not only the places to go. . .but where the nearest bathrooms are, the scoop on … Continue reading

Enjoying the Big Apple

There are many small things that can be done to make your trip to New York City enjoyable, especially if you take a little time to prepare for the trip with the details in mind. I found some of these seemingly small things to be quite important when we made a journey to the Big Apple a few years ago. One of the first items on the list was to make sure that we had a nice, but not overly expensive hotel room, hopefully one that was within walking distance of a few key attractions in the city. This room … Continue reading

Little People in the Big Apple: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Living in New York City with five children under the age of seven, I can tell you that New York City is the perfect place to take a little trip–even with little kids. The trick is to know, what to see, what play ground is nearby, where the bathrooms are, and where the nearest McDonald’s is. It is with this idea in mind, that I offer some guest blogs on “doing” the Big Apple with your littlest crowd! The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of my kids’ absolute favorite places to go in the city. I think this is … Continue reading

The Forest Garden

Some of us have vast, open expanses to play with in our gardens. These expanses are sunny, and the soil is good for vegetables. Others? Well, if you’re like me and you live in the Pacific Northwest, rain is more common than sunshine, and forests dominate the landscape. This is lovely for walking, but it can be much more challenging if you like to grow the traditional sun-loving vegetable crops. What’s a gardener to do? Whether you have one big tree in your garden or you live in the middle of a forest, you can grow food. Forests are naturally … Continue reading