Disney Characters in North Korea

The kind of thing Disney’s after This is a story too bizarre not to report: on Monday July 9 Mickey Mouse, along with other Disney characters, appeared on North Korean television with the country’s new leader, Kim Jong-Un (son of Kim Jong-Il). No, Disney is not sending representatives to the isolationist country. These were images of Walt Disney Company characters used without permission. The use presents some interesting questions that reflect upon Disney’s own corporate policy. The New York Times’ Media Decoder explains. You see, Disney is very strict about unauthorized use of its properties. The company complained to Mexican … Continue reading

Disney Logo Change

When I went to see “The Muppets” I was so excited for my favorite puppet troop’s long-awaited big screen revival that I didn’t notice something interesting. In fact, I didn’t even realize that this something had happened until December, when all of a sudden a ton of news stories broke about it (perhaps I wasn’t the only one who didn’t notice right away). Disney’s changed its famous pre-film logo again. This time, instead of giving it another animated overhaul, they’ve changed the name. Rather than saying “Walt Disney Pictures,” it just reads “Disney.” The funny thing is, even when I … Continue reading

The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World

Can you see the hidden Mickey in the ceiling of this Epcot store? The last of my books about Disney World, “The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World,” is for the park’s devotees. Its subtitle is, “Over 600 secrets of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom,” and author Susan Veness makes good on that promise. If you’re a fan of Disney World, not just of its rides but of its whole experience, this is the book for you. If you’ve been to the park so many times that now you’re starting to notice all of its … Continue reading

Lilly Diabetes – Disney Partnership

Learning to live with diabetes, especially type 1, is a hard adjustment for anyone. But it might be the hardest for children. Now suddenly kids have an adult responsibility in watching what they eat while most other children around them consume whatever they want. Enter the Lilly Diabetes organization’s new partnership with Disney. Stitch Kingdom reports on the measures the diabetes awareness and research company has taken with Disney Online and Disney Publishing to raise public cognizance of the disease and to help families who struggle with it. The Lilly-Disney partnership takes two forms: a new subset of the Disney … Continue reading

Disney Senior Class Trip

Disney World might be ending its decades-long Grad Nite event this year, but that doesn’t mean execs want to miss out on all the revenue brought into the park by partying seniors. In an effort to retain its status as a popular stop for high school kids celebrating their matriculation, Disney World announces its Grad Nite replacement: the Disney Senior Class Trip. Instead of offering a few nights toward the end of the school year during which the Magic Kingdom turns into a seniors-only party destination, Senior Class Trip options are available year-round. Anyone who is a high school senior … Continue reading

Disney’s Easter Specials

Disney might not be throwing as big of a party for Easter as it does for other holidays, like Christmas or Halloween, but there are still a variety of spring holiday events and offers going on this year. The official Disney Parks blog has all the details on the various happenings. First, any Disney World guests this weekend should be pleased to know that the Easter Bunny himself, along with his wife Mrs. Bunny, will be making appearances to greet fans. The Easter Bunny’s actually spent the whole past week at the Magic Kingdom, doing a meet-and-greet at Tour Guide … Continue reading

Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children

Disney has a history of helping in hospitals Going to the hospital can be a scary time for anyone, but especially for children. If it’s the child being taken for a hospital visit, and not just accompanying others to visit someone else, the experience becomes even more frightening. Kids can sense how upset the parents must be at the situation, which might only double their own fears. Anything that might help lessen those fears and distract children from their upsetting time at a hospital, then, is fantastic. Kudos to Walt Disney Imagineering and Florida Hospital for Children for their recent … Continue reading