Fashion Frugalista

It is a great time to get hot looks for less, if you know where to look and employ some strategies. There is no need to go around oversized and frumpy just because you are on a tight budget. Here are my favorite tips for being a fabulous fashionable frugalista! Shop the trendy discounters Right now, discounters such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls are being inundated with tons of fabulous clothes from the more expensive retailers. This is because there was more inventory than demand this past holiday season. It takes several months to react to a downtrend, and therefore … Continue reading

Think Twice Before Installing a Vintage Sink

Farmhouse sinks are really a big trend at the moment. Everyone loves the look. Many homeowners have fun finding a real vintage sink to fit their home, whether it is a farmhouse style or not. Older sinks can really add a sense of style, nostalgia and a feeling of being true to your older home. But before you install your vintage sink, take a look at this article. You may just think twice. Let’s start with that farmhouse sink, as an example of a vintage sink. While the style is definitely in demand, you might find that the trend has … Continue reading

Hot Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kitchen cabinets, just as other aspects of the home, feature new trends and must have styles. If you are building a new home or just looking to do a remodel or a renovation, consider the following hot kitchen cabinet styles. Plain and simple cabinets are becoming the most wanted look. I am glad I learned about this style, since our old cabinets are plain, and we were considering adding some trim. Smooth cabinet doors without any detail is the style that is becoming most popular. Door and draw pulls that are either absent or small and clean are being featured. … Continue reading

Inexpensive Kitchen Makeovers

As you may know, we are exploring our options with a kitchen makeover. We don’t want to spend the time or money for a complete redesign, but we do need an update. If you are in the same situation or you just want a mini update, check out these inexpensive kitchen make over ideas. Remove the doors from upper corner cabinets or the cabinet above the stove to create a new look. Having some open cabinets can add to the feeling of more space and a larger kitchen. If your cabinets are like mine, old and lined with floral stuck-hard … Continue reading

Warning to Kitchen Sink Fashion Victims

Do you know which popular kitchen trends that you should avoid this year? I’m making sure that I do my research before we do any updating to our older kitchen. As my husband keeps pointing out, kitchens can look outdated very quickly if we choose features that are hot for the moment but don’t stand the test of time. I counter with a feeble argument: “But if we like it then why not enjoy it?” There is some truth to both sides of the discussion of course. Still, I am doing my research to see if there are any trends … Continue reading

How to Save Money on Bathing Suits

The neighbors have already invited us to use their pool and with just a few weeks of school left, there is talk of making a trip to the beach. The only problem was the bathing suit situation. Here are my tips for saving money on bathing suits, or bathing costumes, as my more elegant friends call them. I am a big advocate for buying things used to save money, but I just can’t get over the ew factor when it comes to a used bathing suit. It is up there on my list with used underwear. I have a friend … Continue reading

Prada Taste on a Wal-Mart Budget

Well-fitting, trendy clothes can really make you feel great about yourself. While most of the time, as a mom who works at home, I wear the more practical uniform of jeans and a comfortable top, I do like the ability to dress up in more stylish clothes now and then. But how can you keep up with trends and dressing in style when clothes can be so expensive. If you don’t want to compromise your taste but you can’t compromise your budget, read the following post. There may just be some great advice here that you can use. Get the … Continue reading

Laminate Countertops

Ask someone about laminate kitchen countertops and you may get a variety of reactions. At one time, laminate countertops were king, and everyone had to have them. Then Corian and other engineered stones came into vogue, followed by the natural stone, such as granite, of today. Laminate countertops have been pushed back as choice of yesteryear. You can imagine laminate countertops in your parents or grandparents kitchens. But the tide may be turning a little bit for laminate. Home owners are starting to see once again the benefits of laminate, from its relatively low cost to its thousands of style … Continue reading

Prepping the Family Room

One of my tasks today is to pack up my books from the shelves in the family room. This is because we are going to do some quick updates in the family room in the next couple of weeks. We haven’t abandoned the kitchen by any means. But while we are still reviewing our options, we can take advantage of the time to get some work done elsewhere. The motivation behind going ahead with the family room is the carpet that will be installed in a few weeks. To save money, we are going to pull out the old vinyl … Continue reading

Corian FAQ

Corian for kitchen countertops used to be the “it” thing a few years back, before granite countertops became so popular. There are still a lot of reasons to choose Corian as a material, such as the fact that it can be molded, allowing you to have a seamless sink. As we evaluate different materials for our kitchen, I thought I would share with you some frequently asked questions about Corian for kitchen countertops. What is Corian? Corian is a manufactured material made by the chemical company DuPont. The material itself consists of a natural mineral Aluminum Tri-Hydrate that is the … Continue reading