Most Commented On Baby Blogs of 2007

As a means of reviewing the year, I always love to look at the blogs that had the most comments! Sometimes controversial blogs get noticed. Other times it has more to do with a topic of interest. Sometimes a commenter sparks a discussion. Regardless of the reason, these are the blogs that got the most comments in the baby blog in 2007! Is My Baby Gifted? How to Tell Merry Poison Free Christmas Dad’s Weird Things You Should Be Giving Your Baby Soda!! Why Breast Pumping Isn’t a Good Substitute for Breastfeeding Is Swaddling Overrated? Watching T.V. While Breastfeeding Unwanted … Continue reading

How Low Birth Weight Affects Adulthood

The idea that low birth weight babies have a rough start is nothing new. Throughout four pregnancies spanning eight years, I’ve been warned on the dangers of giving birth too early or having a baby who is too small. (Too small, by the way, is any baby that weighs less than 5.5 pounds at birth, regardless of whether or not it is premature.) As it turns out a recent study published by researchers at the University of Michigan, covering over 12,000 babies and 35 years of work, shows that skinny babies have other issues as well. Some key points from … Continue reading

Spring Babies Less Intelligent?

I am reading the current headlines in the baby world with much interest as all of my children were born in the spring. From March to June our family is full of birthdays. Apparently, there is a marked difference in IQ between those born in let’s say. . .January vs. those babies born in the spring. At first, I thought this had to be some kind of half done research project that merely suggested the possibility of less intelligent spring babies. . .but not so. The recently published study, done by Indiana University School of Medicine, studied 1.5 million babies. … Continue reading

Baby Blog in Review: April Thus Far

What can I say other than ‘oops’? I forgot to post a week in review for the baby blog last week. I was just coming back from vacation, had mountains of laundry and other sundry things to take care of and well, I just forgot. So this week, I will bring you the baby blog review starting from April 1st! Sunday, April 1 April started off controversially with a blog entitled Weak White Males and the Difference Race Makes in Preemies. This is a discussion on the statistical tendency for males, especially caucasion males to mature the slowest in the … Continue reading

Weak White Males and the Difference Race Makes in Preemies

If you are the Caucasian mother of a boy who was premature, you have likely heard this term before. This is also sometimes called “wimpy white boy syndrome” or just “white boy syndrome” so named because white males tend to do the worst when born prematurely. When you are going through the NICU experience, it is difficult to hear that your child may be the weakest simply because of his race. The NICU experience in and of itself is traumatic and hearing that phrase certainly doesn’t help. But it’s important to remember (if at all possible in the midst of … Continue reading