TV Stars Returning to the Small Screen

Michael J. Fox and Katie Holmes are retuning to their roots—the good ol’ boob tube. Producers of FX’s “Rescue Me,” say Fox will make his return to series TV with a four-episode guest role on the popular drama. But don’t expect the 47-year-old actor to be running around like his former “Family Ties” and “Spin City” characters. Show producers say on “Rescue Me,” Fox will play a wheelchair bound “very funny, very original character.” Fox’s character is the new boyfriend of Denis Leary’s character Tommy’s estranged wife Janet (Andrea Roth) and will be introduced in the fifth-season premiere next spring. … Continue reading

Katie and Britney—New Chances to Shine

Looks like Tom Cruise is going to have to wean Suri from her bottle by himself… That’s because Suri’s mommy is going to be too busy flexing her acting muscle on Broadway. She wanted it, and now it appears Katie Holmes got her wish to make her mark on the Great White Way. The former “Dawson’s Creek” star and wife of Tom Cruise just landed a role in a revival of Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons.” According to reports, Holmes will hit the stage this fall alongside John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest and Patrick Wilson. The play, which was first seen … Continue reading

Tom Cruising Back to Oprah’s Couch

Oprah Winfrey’s staff has had nearly three years to get the shoe prints off the expensive couch Tom Cruise jumped on while expressing his affections for Katie Holmes. Back then the two had just begun dating. Now Cruise and Holmes are married and the parents to 2-year-old daughter Suri. And you can expect to hear all about the Cruise clan when Tom returns to “The Oprah Winfrey Show” next week. Though, luckily for cleaning crews they won’t need to work overtime to stain guard the show’s furniture since producers say the first of the two-part interview was taped at the … Continue reading

Celebrity Updates: Miss Pepper-Sprayed Puerto Rico and Mama Katie

It appears Miss Puerto Rico was telling the truth after all. In a previous blog I reported that Miss Puerto Rico Universe, Ingrid Marie Rivera alleged that someone doused her pageant gown and swimsuit with pepper spray during the November 24th contest. Authorities opened an investigation and the news made headlines around the world. Rivera made the rounds on American TV recounting her horrific ordeal. She shared how she had to apply ice bags to her face and body in between turns onstage, and despite her excruciating pain she continued with the competition. Now police say the beauty queen did … Continue reading

Katie’s Marathon Controversy

Where there are celebrities there is controversy. And she thought she was just taking a jog around Central Park. Less than a week after actress Katie Holmes trudged 26.2 miles in the New York City Marathon her accomplishment is being tarnished by a wave of angry runners who were not allowed to compete in the prestigious running event. Tens of thousands of avid runners sent angry correspondences to race officials asking why Suri’s mom was admitted to the race when 60,000 hopefuls were denied. According to TV’s Access Hollywood Tom Cruise’s better half was allowed to run as a VIP. … Continue reading

Celebrity Update: Katie’s Record Recovery and “Dancing’s” Latest Romance

KATIE’S RECORD RECOVERY Remember those last comments I made about Katie Holmes running yesterday’s New York City Marathon? They don’t compare to the ones I’m about to dish now. Girl just spent 5:29:58 running 26.2 miles in and around New York City, then a few hours later she shows up in high heels for her hubby’s movie premiere. Someone get this girl a doctor! After my first marathon my legs felt like tree trunks that had been absorbing water in a logging camp for months. I could barely sit down in the bathtub. The last (and I mean very last) … Continue reading

Katie Holmes vs. the New York City Marathon

Suri’s mommy finished a marathon. And you can forget about the obligatory medal and Mylar blanket, Katie Holmes cashed in on a bigger prize when she crossed the New York City Marathon finish line today—a congratulatory smooch from her loyal husband Tom Cruise. Couch jumper and super sweet Suri spent more than five hours waiting for Mama Katie to complete the 26.2-mile race that weaved through the streets of Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan. Holmes’ official finish time: 5:29:58. As a marathon runner myself I found myself drawn to this story for a number of reasons. First … Continue reading

Hot Celebrity Halloween Costumes

You’ve got your kids’ costumes ready, but what are you dressing up as this Halloween? Most adults turn to Tinseltown and the celebs who roam the famous streets of Hollywood for inspiration. Donald Trump’s infamous combover was once part of the hot Halloween scene, but not this year. According to a survey done by a leading marketing company, Halloween 2007 will be known as the Brangelina holiday. If you are attending a Halloween party expect to see plenty of couples donning spiky blond Brad Pitt-locks and plumping up their pouters Angelina Jolie style. The handsome duo ranks among the hottest … Continue reading

Star Updates: What’s Next For Justin’s Girl and A Legendary Tenor

How many of you ladies dressed up as Wonder Woman as a child? You remember… the shiny wristbands, the gold lariat, the form fitting, patriot red-white-and blue ensemble, flying around in the invisible jet… ah memories… For one lucky lady, those girlhood dreams are about to come true. According to Daily Variety, actress Jessica Biel (as in Justin Timberlake’s current flame) is reportedly in talks to play Wonder Woman in the movie Justice League of America. The movie follows the lives of caped crusaders Superman, Batman, Aquaman and the Flash. However, no other actors have been named for those parts. … Continue reading

Celebrity “Real” or “Rumor” Suri the Breadwinner and Nicole’s Wedding

SURI THE BREADWINNER Goodness knows she doesn’t need the exposure or the money… Regardless, a rumor has been circulating on the Internet that the adorable spawn of Tom Cruise and his robo-wife Katie Holmes is the new face of Baby Gap. RUMOR! At least according to Cruise’s rep, who finally acknowledged that some people actually believed Cutie Cruise had signed a lucrative contract with the kids clothing company. The rumor is “totally untrue,” the actor’s publicist announced today. Reports about the alleged contract have been circulating online for weeks. There’s no denying that super sweet Suri’s face could sell just … Continue reading