January Genealogy Webinars

You can take in a genealogy seminar from the comfort of your own home, and through your very own computer. They are called webinars and can be about any topic at all, including genealogy. Here are a few to check out that will be coming up the next couple of weeks. Ancestry.com has started doing webinars through LiveStream once again. It seemed to me that they went on a hiatus for a while (but I could be wrong about that). In order to attend these webinars, you must RSVP. They have several coming up this month. Each will start at … Continue reading

What Apps are You Using for Genealogy?

There are plenty of genealogy related apps to choose from. Some are quite popular, while others may have names that you are unfamiliar with. There are apps that were not designed specifically for genealogy, but are useful to genealogists anyway. What apps are you using for genealogy? The smartphone has become an incredibly helpful tool for genealogists. It allows you to do some genealogy research on the go and easily keep track of what you learned. Whether you are searching through records in a courthouse, or taking photos of the gravestones in a cemetery, your smartphone is right there, helping … Continue reading

How to Evaluate a Genealogy App Review

Genealogy and computer technology have become intertwined in many ways. There are plenty of genealogy apps out there. How can you tell a good one from one that isn’t as useful? Here are some tips about how to evaluate a genealogy app review. You just read a review about a new, shiny, interesting sounding, genealogy app. Before you make the purchase, or download an app that is free, there are some basic factors that you should consider. Taking the time to consider these factors could be the difference between finding a great genealogy app, and getting stuck with a genealogy … Continue reading

What is Android Genealogy?

Have you heard of a website called Android Genealogy? The strange name caught my attention. It is not a family tree for droids. Instead, it is a useful blog that tells information about interesting genealogy apps for genealogists who use Android devices. I happen to be a big fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The phrase “Android Genealogy” made me think of the character Lt. Commander Data. He is an android that was created by Dr. Noonian Soong, (who was a human). I guess you could say that Dr. Soong was Data’s father. Dr. Soong had an assistant named … Continue reading

PC Magazine Picks Best Genealogy Apps

PC Magazine has put together a list of the very best genealogy apps. How many of them do you use? Genealogists who aren’t currently using these apps might want to take a look at them. You’ve probably heard the saying: “There’s an app for that!” It is no surprise that there are plenty of apps that are designed with genealogists in mind. PC Magazine picked four genealogy apps that they consider to be the very best ones. They did a very detailed, descriptive, write up and review of those apps. If you want to read absolutely everything that PC Magazine … Continue reading

Free Genealogy Apps for Android Devices

Genealogy research is something that requires a lot of time, and quite a bit of effort. There are plenty of genealogy apps that are designed to be used by Android devices. This makes it extremely easy for genealogists to carry those resources with them as they travel to the library, courthouse, or other archive. Some of these apps can be downloaded for free. Billion Graves is a FREE app that can be used on Android devices. This app helps genealogists to take photos of headstones in any cemetery, and to upload those photos to the Billion Graves website. The app … Continue reading

Genealogy Technology

You just gotta love technology. Many genealogists use online websites in order to do their genealogy research. Some of you may be backing up your research on your computer. However, there are several other interesting genealogy related things out there that you can use through your computer, iPad, or smartphone. It’s important for all genealogists to make copies of their research. While it is possible to transcribe copies of documents and records by hand, this can prove to be too time consuming for many people to do. An excellent alternative solution is to back up your research in an electronic … Continue reading

Genealogy – There’s An App For That!

Whether your smartphone of choice is an IPhone or an Android, there are genealogy apps available that enable you to do genealogical research anywhere. This is not surprising news. There seems to be an app for just about everything under the sun. If your phone is an Android, FamilyBee lets you take your family trees with you wherever you go. You can store an unlimited amount of family trees (that you create on your computer) on your cell phone, and you can search quickly through the stored trees for information. One especially neat feature of FamilyBee is that the family … Continue reading

MyHeritage Mobile App Version 2.0 Released

Do you use MyHeritage for your genealogy research? If so, then you probably will want to check out their updated app. It was released on January 9, 2012, and is version 2.0. The app is free to download and some new features have been added. Genealogy and technology are two different things that are becoming more and more interwoven as time goes by. Genealogists of the past might have spent the majority of their research time visiting libraries and record archives. Today, the majority of genealogists go online to do research, to put together a family tree, and to blog … Continue reading

23 A Go-Go is a New App for Genealogists

What is a 23 A Go-Go? It isn’t a new dance step, and it’s not going to replace Gangnam Style. Instead, it is a brand new app that helps genealogists connect to 23andMe through their mobile phones. The app can also be used to access information about genealogy, (even if you don’t use 23andMe). There are a plethora of genealogy apps out there. Most of them are only useful if you happen to have a membership with the genealogy company, or website, that the app has been created to interact with. Take, for example, the Ancestry.com app. It is available … Continue reading