Islamic Diet – What is Halal?

We were talking about halal in the Muslim forum the other day, so I thought I should address it here. Technically, halal means allowed by Allah, or lawful. What it comes to food, there are very specific things that make an item halal. [h]No Pork or Pork Products[/h] It is well-known that Muslims must not eat pork, but many people are unaware of the different varieties of pork. Although non-pork versions exist, the following should always be scrutinized for pork content: Sausage Hot dogs Ham Bacon Meatballs Potted meat “Meat” sauce Kolaches In addition, many restaurants use lard for cooking; … Continue reading

Can Muslims be Vegetarians?

When I first told my husband that I had decided to become a vegetarian, his reaction was a strong one. “No!” he said. “Allah gave us animals to eat, so we must eat them.” When I discussed it with other Muslims, I heard similar answers: “Haram!” “We cannot make haram (forbidden) what Allah has made halal (lawful).” “We cannot imitate non-Muslims.” Being a stubborn sort, I researched the issue myself. I find many surahs and hadiths related to food. All of the rulings were focused on what we cannot eat: food that was not slaughtered in a halal way, alcohol, … Continue reading

Islam Online — An Important Resource for Muslims

As a Muslim revert (convert), I often find myself with questions: “Is this halal (lawful) or haram (forbidden)?” “What is the Islamic way to handle this?” Many of today’s issues aren’t specifically referred to in Koran or Hadith. I can try my best to interpret the Holy writing in today’s terms, but I am no scholar. Scholars are not readily available in my neck of the woods, either! So, what’s a confused, but well-intentioned Muslim to do? Islam Online is the perfect resource for Muslims, new or otherwise. The website is a treasure trove of information about the religion, but … Continue reading