Father’s Day Sales at Target, Best Buy, Hallmark, and More

Father’s Day is coming up in just a couple of weeks. Have you figured out what gift to give your Dad this year? If you haven’t a clue, then you should check out these Father’s Day deals and sales. Save some money, and make your father have a happy day, at the same time! Hallmark has a special online offer that will let you save $2.00 on 2 personalized cards. Use the code SAVE2 when you are ready to check out. June 10, 2013, is your last day to use standard delivery to get those cards sent to your dad … Continue reading

Why I No Longer Buy Books

I no longer buy books. There I said it. People who know me may think I have been taken over by aliens, but it is true. I haven’t bought a book in a ver long time, and in fact, I have gotten rid of boxes and boxes of them. Despite this fact, I read several books a week. The only difference, is that I don’t pay a dime for the privilege. In fact, I actually save money, since I can utilize living space that was once taken up by bookshelves. My biggest source of free books is the library. I … Continue reading

What’s the Best Value: Buying Big vs Buying Small?

Sometimes you have to buy big and sometimes you have to buy small if you want to get the best value for your money. It all depends on the circumstance. At the grocery store, you want to buy big when buying in bulk will save you the most money. Of course, it doesn’t always work that way. Always check unit price and do a comparison of your various options. Usually this works well on items that aren’t otherwise on sale, don’t have coupons, can be used up before they expire or are purchased at a bulk warehouse store where normal … Continue reading

The Best Healthy Food on a Budget

Most of us are familiar with the Ramen every night diet. It isn’t a plan to lose weight, rather a plan to actually afford food, and it has been made famous by college students or anyone just starting out with only a limited budget. But the Ramen Noodle diet isn’t exactly a healthy one. The “meal” contains high levels of sodium and carbs and pretty much zero nutrients. Yes, it will fill you up for less, but it isn’t something you can use to feed a family and keep them all healthy. Another source of cheap food that people often … Continue reading

Love Your Pet but Not the Cost? How to Reduce the Cost of Raising Your Best Friend

Have you ever taken the time to calculate how much your furry or feathered friends are costing you each month? There is food, vet care, that regular application of flea and tick protection, grooming fees, litter or bedding, and of course toys, treats and equipment such as carriers, cages and the like. Depending on where you live and how eco-friendly or upscale you want to go with food and supplies, expect to pay up to $1,500 for a cat and $2,000 for a dog during the first year. Rabbits, hamsters, birds and fish are somewhat less expensive. Let us take … Continue reading

The Right Way to Buy in Bulk

Buying your groceries in bulk can save you some serious money, not to mention extra trips to the store. If you aren’t careful, however, bulk purchases can actually wind up costing you more money that you will save. Know the right way to buy in bulk, so you get the best of both worlds: great pricing and convenience. 1. Watch out for the hidden perishables. You probably know enough not to buy 20 pounds of bananas, unless you own a bakery that produces banana bread, but are you still buying items that will go bad before you can use them? … Continue reading

Can Your Homeschool Blog Earn Money? {Part 3}

In, Can Your Homeschool Blog Earn Money?, Part 1 and Part 2, I discussed the background information you need before starting a blog that has the potential of earning you a profit.  If you missed those two posts, please take time to read them as blogs without a proper foundation do not earn profits. Not all profits can strictly financial but we all want to know now to earn cold hard cash.  There is no easy answer but there are avenues you can take to drive your blog to the bank. Here are some of the most popular ways to … Continue reading

Time Saving Tips to Keep You on Track

With the holidays fast approaching, things might be getting a little busy around your house. Some people are able to back off a little bit from their home based businesses during the holiday season and focus on holiday activities. People with seasonal home based businesses are likely to be putting in as much time and effort as they can right now. Either way, you are likely to be feeling a little bit crunched for time. Of course, there are only so many hours in a day. While we can not create additional hours, we can employ a few strategies to … Continue reading

Which Business Tools and Supplies are Good Buys in December?

 While you may be doing a great deal of shopping for the people on your gift list, you might also be wondering whether this time of year is a good time to scout out the sales on items that you need for your home – based business. If you itemize deductions on your tax return, it makes sense to shop now, especially if you have identified some things that you need. There are also some items that are usually on sale in December. For example, December is one time of year where computers are at their lowest prices. In fact, … Continue reading

Five Ways to Get the Best Insurance Rates

Even in the worst of times, it usually does not make sense to cut back on insurance. You never know when a disaster might hit. Being properly insured can save you from disaster. When money is tight, it is better to reduce the cost of insurance rather than eliminate it. Try the following five ways to get the best insurance rates and reduce your cost. 1. Buy all of your policies in the same place Most insurers will give you discounts when you buy multiple policies with them and may even offer bundled plans. Start by insuring your cars and … Continue reading