Deposits and Withdrawals

Each day we make deposits into our children’s lives. This really struck me after reading Stephen R. Covey’s book, “The 8th Habit.” Although this book has nothing to do with parenting, there was something that really struck me: “We don’t even know what a deposit is to another person unless we understand that person from his or her frame of reference. What may be a high-level, high-value deposit to you may be a low-level, low-value deposit to another—or even a withdrawal.” I find this to be very true as a mother of three teenagers. I can think I am making … Continue reading

5 Fitness Goals for the Summer

When it comes to goal setting, most of us think about the New Year. That’s the time when resolutions are made. But summer is a perfect opportunity to do the same. If there is ever a season to really be committed to a fit lifestyle, summer is it. It’s the perfect time of year to start eating healthier and incorporate more physical activity into your day. So with that, here are 5 fitness goals you should have for the summer. The first goal is to eat more fruit. Not only is this the season for some of the freshest fruits … Continue reading

Things As They Really Are

The other day, I was on facebook. You know, just browsing through my friends’ posts and commenting here and there. It is easy to spend a lot of time on facebook or other blogs and media today just wasting time. I was struck by something though. As I was scrolling down, I read a very uplifting quote from President Hinkley. It was something that I was pondering and thinking about. It affected me so much that I even wrote a blog post about it that I linked above. Yet, in the next instant, I saw something very vulgar that another … Continue reading

The Challenge of Change with Conduct Disorder

I work at a juvenile placement facility for adolescent boys. Today, while we were walking to school, one young man decided to turn around and punch the kid behind him in the face. Pretty much just because he was angry. As I was filling out the incidence report, I noticed that the teen had been diagnosed with Conduct Disorder. It made me laugh. Currently at my facility, we have over 250 residents, all teenage boys between the ages of fourteen and twenty. If you look closely, I would guarantee that all but ten have been diagnosed with Conduct Disorder. What … Continue reading

Candy Patrol

What do you do with your Halloween candy? Whoops, did I say that? I mean your preschooler’s Halloween candy. We’re not really a candy-eating household, and this is definitely a candy-eating time of the year. Sure, my daughter eats candy, but it’s not in excess and it’s just upon occasion. That said, I’m not interested in banning Halloween. We have a lot of fun in our neighborhood on Halloween, and yes, part of it is about the candy. What can you do if you don’t want your child overdoing the candy? Provide alternatives. Go to a Halloween party and do … Continue reading

They Died from … What?

Working on the genealogy of your family can sometimes feel like taking a walk through history. The farther back you go from the present, the bigger a chance you have of finding an archaic term for something, or a word that you do not recognize at all. Sometimes, you will find out that an ancestor died from a particular disease, but have no idea what, exactly, that disease was. Genealogy can be a tool to give you some insight about your health. It helps if you have an understanding of what that disease or condition actually was. There are two … Continue reading

Rainy Day Fun for Preschoolers

Summer may have officially started on Monday, but you would never know by looking at the massive puddles sitting on our street. It may be summer, but that doesn’t mean Mother Nature is taking three months off from watering the world. When summer storms come barreling through and you are bombarded with bored preschoolers suffering from cabin fever, you need to be prepared. Here are some rainy day ideas: Cook: Instead of chasing preschoolers out of the kitchen, invite them in and put them to work. Get out your recipe books and have the kids pick a few dishes they … Continue reading

Getting the Most Benefit from Physical Therapy

If you choose to undergo physical therapy, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. Here are some tips to help you get the most benefit from your treatment! Remember that this is an active treatment — physical therapy is not something done TO you. It is something you take part in. If you’re not going to do the work, you are wasting your time and the physical therapist’s time. Do your homework. Again, it’s a waste of time if you only put the effort in when your physical therapist is watching — your progress will be very slow … Continue reading

Don’t Hate the Joneses

Do you know the Joneses, or the Smiths or Insert Family Name here? They are that family or that couple that always seems so perfect. The one where the wife is always tan and polished, the husband is handsome and attentive and the children are always winning all of the awards in school or sports. But beware of the Joneses. They could just ruin your marriage, even if they aren’t aware of it themselves. Sometimes when we look at other couples, a little bit of envy starts to sneak in. We may wonder why it is that they are the … Continue reading

Oklahoma Homeschool Bills to Add New Restrictions

Oklahoma homeschoolers are calling new proposals to homeschool laws an over reaction and an insult. The reason for these proposals is claims that homeschooling is being used as a cover when parents are dragged into court for truancy. There are also claims that homeschoolers are academically two years behind traditionally educated students. (That’s a first!) Read: School choice: Homeschool bills insulting to families Channel 8 News in OK reports the two proposals as: Senate Bill 472 would require parents or guardians who homeschool their child to notify the local school district and provide a report of academic progress to school … Continue reading