Financial Crisis: What Should You Pay First?

If you find yourself in a situation where you cant pay all of your bills for the month, or several months, it is important that you have a plan. Some bills really are more important than others. Knowing what to pay first and what to pay next can mean the difference between losing your home or car and getting through a difficult time and then back on your feet. There are many options that you can take when you need to settle or discharge debt. Just make sure that you prioritize payments to the bills that can’t wait. Think about … Continue reading

Start Saving Now

I love shopping. One of my favorite book series is the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella. When I worked as the senior community moderator for iVillage’s Money Channel, one of the more popular message boards was for compulsive shoppers. I have lists in Amazon for myself and each of the girls filled with things I want to buy. Saving is better. We should have three to six months’ salary in savings in case of an emergency. There is nothing quite as satisfying as looking at a large bank balance. Saving isn’t always easy. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck and … Continue reading

Extreme Penny Pinching – Is It Possible To Go Too Far?

It is wise to be frugal, and in these tough economic times it is a survival skill that many of us are learning for the first time. While cultivating good financial sense is a good thing, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Some people really take penny pinching to an extreme. I am not one to pass judgment on the habits of others, especially since some people are in dire circumstances and have to meet their basic needs in any way that they can. The following examples of extreme penny pinching are for informational purposes … Continue reading

Ways You Should Spend Your Money

Here in the Money department, I spend a lot of time talking about budgets and being conservative. But you know what—there are times when you need to spend money, and that’s what I’m focusing on today. Shoes – okay, you can probably get away with a pair of cheap flip-flops from time to time, but you do need to buy some good quality shoes. If you stand at work or you’re a runner or you’re going grocery shopping or doing any other kind of activity that requires you to spend time on a hard concrete floor, you need the support … Continue reading

What is Your Real Attitude toward Saving Money?

We’ve all been taught since we were knee-high to a nickel that we should be saving money. We should put aside 30%, our parents taught us. We know it’s wise, we know we should do it … but do we want to do it, or does it feel like one of those “have to” things, like taking our medicine? Do we ignore the advice because we don’t want to follow it? I would wager that many of us who do save only do it because we know it’s the right thing to do. We know it logically, and yet, we … Continue reading

What’s Ahead for 2011?

I’m sure I’m not the only person looking ahead at the new year with a combination of excitement about all the possibilities and apprehension about the situation we find ourselves in, economically. You can hardly turn on a news station without seeing self-proclaimed financial gurus sharing their thoughts on this, that, and the other thing, while no one knows who the experts really are any more. But here are some facts that we need to face as we make our goals and plans for the coming twelve months: 1. Unemployment rates are skyrocketing. There are currently six million Americans who … Continue reading

How to Prevent Money Matters from Hurting Your Marriage

Money and financial issues are one of the leading causes of conflict leading to divorce in modern marriages. Differences of opinion on what to do with money, how to save and how to spend can make you feel as though you are constantly butting heads with your spouse. If you and your spouse agree on all money issues then congratulations. You are a rare pair. Most couples have different attitudes toward money as individuals. Even couples who are have similar values (savers, let’s say) can vary a bit within their attitudes (one likes to save a little bit more than … Continue reading

Family Relationships and Attitude

Extended family is always going to be part of your married life. Even if you are no longer in contacted with your extended family, they will always be there in the form of influence over you and your spouse. These are the people that helped form your young lives, and their dynamics will definitely mold your beliefs. One of these beliefs is an attitude toward family and the roles that the in-laws take. When you became a daughter-in-law or son-in-law where you immediately part of the family and treated as a natural child? Or, are you family but more at … Continue reading

Money Week in Review: September 30-October 6

There were a wide variety of topics covered in Money this last week. You can learn a little bit about saving, handling your accounts and helping others. Has a check you have written become lost and stolen? You can learn what you need to do to protect yourself in Stopping Payment on a Check. This also talks about what the bank does to stop payment. Miriam encourages you to work with your spouse when it comes to money in Work Together on Your Finances. This blog emphasizes the importance of starting by planning together. After you have done the initial … Continue reading

Overwhelmed By Your Finances?

You may be in a financial situation where you feel like you are getting nowhere. You may be strapped with overwhelming debt payments and no matter what you do, you only seem to be able to make the minimum payments. Or you may be trying to save money for retirement or a down payment on a house, and the measly hundred dollars a month doesn’t seem to be adding up very fast. It can be very discouraging to be in a situation like this. While you may feel like it is the end of the world. It is important to … Continue reading