What Kind of Blogger are You?

I wanted to talk a bit about the different types of bloggers out there, because it seems like a lot of people get this mixed up. When I tell people that I blog for a living, they think that I’m writing up blogs about what my cat ate for breakfast this morning (which since I don’t have a cat, would make for an incredibly boring blog) or whatever other random thought pops into my head. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that my blogs on here tend to be a little bit random at times, but they do at … Continue reading

What Kinds of Writing Work Can I Find Online?

It has occurred to me that not everyone who wonders whether they can work as a writer knows what kinds of writing jobs are available on the internet through freelance job posting sites like Elance, oDesk, and Guru. Stephanie Romero wrote a great post about what it is like to write web content. If you are reading our Home Business blog or any of the other great blogs here on Families.com, you can see what kinds of things people write when they work as professional bloggers. There are many, many other types of writing assignments that are available online. If … Continue reading

How do you do it?

“How do you do it?” “I could never do everything you do!” “You amaze me.” I have heard it all. I have heard how amazing I am to how I must be a master of time management. My friend told me that she could never do everything I do. I responded with, “that’s okay, I cannot either.” I am a mom, homeschooler, wife, freelance writer, blogger, and business owner. Among those aspects of my life come other “hats” and responsibilities. However, I am here to tell you that I am not amazing. I am not a master of time management. … Continue reading

How to Start Your Own Genealogy Blog

Ready to start your own genealogy blog? There are plenty of good reasons to do it. Genealogists need to be careful not to steal content, or break copyright laws on their blog. It is also wise to make sure that your blog doesn’t contain information that can lead to identity theft. Many people think that the best way to start creating a brand new blog is to jump online, put together a WordPress blog, and think of a catchy title. In reality, your blogging experience will be much more successful if you take the time to think about what you … Continue reading

Are You A Freelance Writer? Have You Tried Blogging?

Whether you are new to freelance writing or you are looking to expand your skill set, I would like to recommend that you give blogging a try. You may be wondering whether there is a place for your unique voice in a group blog or collection of blogs. I know that I was asking myself that very question when I started out. The answer to that question does, of course, depend upon the individual and also upon what blogs are looking for writers and what kind of writers they are looking for. Nonetheless, I would like to encourage you to … Continue reading

Can you Knit?

If you can knit it is possible for you to start your business or at least a sideline from your hobby. I have a friend how makes beautiful scarves and I have tried to get her to start her own business. Her concerns were who to sell to, where to sell, and how would she market herself. All valid concerns but none should keep you from pursing making a living or adding in another stream of income using your hobby. First, you need to calculate how much it costs you to make the items you can successfully make. You will … Continue reading

AutisticSpeaks – A Blog Written by Lydia

Lydia is a blogger who is in her twenties, and who is a Christian. She loves the Food Network, her cat, and writing. She also happens to have autism. Her blog can give you some insight into what her life is like. Parents can buy her book, which gives her thoughts about raising a child who has autism. Not all parents of children who have autism will automatically have a good understanding about the needs of their child. Parents who don’t know much about autism are going to need some education about what autism is. They will need advice about … Continue reading

Read Hartley’s Life With 3 Boys Blog Talks About SPD and More

There are a whole lot of blogs on the internet that contain stories about the day in the life of a family. These are often referred to as “Mommy Blogs”, and can be both interesting as well as informative. Parents who have children with special needs will want to check out the blog called “Hartley’s Life With 3 Boys”. It describes what life is like raising a child who has a mixture of multiple special needs. Blogging about one’s family has become rather common. Often, these kinds of blogs are written by moms, and the usual content consists of journal … Continue reading

Turning Your Child into a Self-Advocate

How does your child do when you turn her loose? In school, kids have to self-advocate. In fact, in all groups children have to self-advocate to a large degree, especially if you are not around all of the time. Self-advocacy is a good skill to learn, but it’s one that is hard for young children. In fact, it’s one of the reasons that I’m tentative about letting my daughter loose into the school system. She’ll have to navigate large groups of children on her own. As an introvert, she doesn’t have the natural inclination to introduce herself to many other … Continue reading

Home School Blogger Spotlight: Kindergarten Works

Kindergarten Works is a blog written by a real live Kindergarten teacher. Leslie makes the sacrifice of time to show us how a traditional Kindergarten classroom works. Now, I used the term “traditional” loosely. Traditional from the standpoint that her classroom is in a school building and not a dining room like many homeschooling Kindergarten moms, however, if images of students seated at desks with their little hands folded in front of them quietly listening to the teacher enter your mind quickly dismiss them. Leslie brings lessons to life. This teacher is the one. The one you want for your … Continue reading