Too Cold for a Garage Sale? Think Again

In my part of the country, when summer ends so do most of the garage sales. Notice that I said most. Because while you might not see any yard sale signs while driving around the town, there are plenty of garage sales out there, on weekends and on weekdays, if you know where to look. When the weather turns colder, the garage sales start to move indoors. They may be called by other names, such as barn sales, estate sales, outgrown sales, church sales or even moving sales. Instead of shopping from the lawn, you may do your shopping indoors, … Continue reading

Summer Cash for Kids

What’s that saying: Kids and their money are soon parted? Okay, maybe it’s a fool and his cash, but you get the idea. My second grader would rather have her eyelashes yanked out than willingly take on extra chores around the house. However, the kid has expensive taste and just recently discovered that money does not grow on trees, or in Mommy’s wallet. Enter the summer job discussion. While my 7-year-old won’t be restocking shelves at Piggly Wiggly this summer, there are a slew of other money-making opportunities for her to take advantage of right here at home. If you … Continue reading

Getting Ready For A Yard Sale

Have you been spring cleaning? Are you finding a houseful of things that you no longer need? Now is the perfect time to start planning that spring yard sale. Every year my subdivision has a community yard sale, it’s a great time to get rid of things I don’t need and make a little extra money. A little preparation now will make sure you are ready when the time comes for the big sale. As you are cleaning closets and dresser drawers, take out anything that is too small, out of style, or you just don’t like anymore. This goes … Continue reading

The Toy Purge

It’s the time of year when the inflow becomes more than the outflow, and that worries me. Yes, we like getting Christmas gifts. However, the sheer number of Christmas gifts can be staggering if we don’t control the flow. We’re lucky. Between doting grandparents, doting parents and doting everyone else, our daughter has a lot. At Christmas time, this translates into a lot of stuff. I am guilty of much of the household inflow as well. You see, in the summer time we go to garage sales. The rest of the year we go to thrift stores when we need … Continue reading

The Garage Sale- Part 2

Some experts suggest you shouldn’t price items in a garage sale but let people offer what they think the items are worth. These experts claim people will often offer more than you would have put on the item. Others say to make sure items are clearly priced. It may be negotiable but it is a starting point. I adhere to this idea. If I went to a garage sale where I had to ask the price of everything I would quickly get fed up and leave. Be prepared to negotiate on price. Those who go to garage sales regularly usually … Continue reading

The Garage or Yard Sale

For many people the best way of getting rid of things they no longer want is a garage or yard sale. In the area where we live it is a favorite pastime. We have friends who regularly go to garage sales in the hope of picking up a bargain. It’s something we have done in the past. Now we can’t be bothered. But many people find them an enjoyable way to spend weekend time and others a useful way to make a bit of money on unwanted goods. Once when we were moving we held a garage sale. We did … Continue reading

The Good, The Bad, and the Creepy: Thrift Store Toys for Your Preschooler

If you’re out shopping with a preschooler who is hanging off your leg, begging for this, that, and the other thing, there’s no better place to be than a thrift store or a yard sale. Where else will your kid actually have buying power? The best thing about thrift store toys for your preschooler is the cost. Often, you can find huge bins of Lego for a few dollars. Go in with a mental list of what you’re looking for. Dress up clothes? Lego? It’s easy to leave with junk just because it’s cheap. Of course, if your child has … Continue reading

Saving Up For Baby

Babies are expensive. There are tons of things to buy: diapers, clothes, cribs and strollers, just to name a few. If you have ever looked at the cost of a hospital delivery, your jaw probably hit the floor! For instance, the cost to hook me up to the monitors for a couple hours? Over $500! I didn’t even see a doctor or eat any of their food! I have a few strategies that I have used or plan on using the next time around to offset the cost: Pregnancy = Part Time Job I vowed to my husband, “next time … Continue reading

Zhu Zhu Mania!

I don’t drink, but I now see why other parents do. I seriously considered knocking back a few stiff libations after spending countless hours (see: THREE SOLID WEEKS) trying to get my hands on a Zhu Zhu Pet. A Zhu who? If you have a young child at home, then I don’t have to explain, but for the rest of you moms and dads, who haven’t been sucked into Zhu Zhu hell, allow me to elaborate. Zhu Zhu Pets are the hottest toys since Tickle Me Elmo, Cabbage Patch Kids, the Tamagotchi “digital pet,” Furby, and every other must-have plastic … Continue reading

How to Hold an Extreme Garage Sale

Desperate times can call for desperate measures. If you find yourself in a critical financial situation, it might be helpful to hold the mother of all yard sales. This can often raise a good chunk of money and help you get back on your feet. A friend of mine was recently confronted with a short term layoff that left him behind on his mortgage payment by two months. With no other way to raise enough money, he decided to take a look at his assets and see off whatever he could to raise the money he needed. In this case, … Continue reading