Can Your Homeschool Blog Earn Money? {Part 1}

The homeschool cup runneth over with homeschool blogs.  Many frazzled homeschool moms and those at a loss for inspiration have found restoration in many of the amazing homeschool blogs on the net today.    My experiences blogging about homeschooling has opened up a world that I may have otherwise missed; both as a homeschooling mom and as one who profits from blogging.  Many homeschool moms have also discovered this opportunity and desire to learn more about profiting from their blogs. Since most homeschool homes balance on the tip of one income this potential source of support or business is becoming more … Continue reading

Not Buying It

After nearly two decades working in television news, I’ve learned to be a bit more judicious when perusing headlines. In other words, I don’t believe half of what I see published these days, especially viral items that sweep the globe and become water cooler fodder, despite there being very little fact checking prior to their circulation. But, hey, sensationalism sells, so why mess up the money-making process by letting a little thing like the truth get in the way? It’s a question single moms around the world are left to ponder yet again thanks to an anonymous server who claims … Continue reading

Sell It Again Tips

Can you resell items that you once bought used? Of course you can! If you bought it, chances are that someone somewhere will do the same. Sometimes I can even sell items for more than I paid, even after I’ve used them. Here are my sell it again tips. Buy Good Quality Items When you buy anything that is not immediately consumable, such as food or dental floss, buy good quality, especially when you buy used. Many times I would rather buy a good quality but used item instead of a cheaper quality brand new with tags item. This is … Continue reading

Selling Your House in the Spring

You can really tell that spring has arrived by all the for sale signs in people’s yard. Spring is a wonderful time to sell your home. It’s like Mother Nature has put on her best dress and pearls so your house looks it’s very best. There are still some things you can do to help Mother Nature and your realtor. Studies are showing that more people start their home search online. Gone are the days of busy open houses, instead we can log in and see hundreds of homes in the time it takes to drive across town. It’s important … Continue reading

Need Extra Cash? Sell Your Wedding Dress!

Weddings are expensive. We can pay upwards of thousands of dollars for our wedding dresses, which we wear once (okay, maybe a few times, if we do bridal pictures and have multiple receptions) and then they hang in our closets or sit in storage. Then financial trials come along, and we wonder how to pay off the new bills. Have you ever considered selling your wedding dress? Other brides are in need of beautiful dresses, and they’d be more than happy to save some money and purchase a gently used gown. You can do this in a number of different … Continue reading

Internet Malfunctions Do Not Have To Ruin Your Day

For home-based professionals who work online or use the internet to submit their work to clients, a reliable internet connection is an essential piece of business equipment. However, internet connections can and do fail to work properly from time to time. Sometimes, there is nothing that you can do to get through an internet outage except for finding things that you can do offline until connectivity is restored. Even though it may be a bit upsetting at first to have to set the work that you had planned on doing aside because you cannot get online, the very act of … Continue reading

Selling Your Work at Art Fairs and Craft Shows

If you are an artist or a crafter, you just might have the main ingredient for a successful home-based business. The things that you create are unique and beautiful, and there are many people out there that would love to purchase them so that they can enjoy them. Art and craft fairs and shows are a great way for home-based artists and crafters to show their works to a large audience, an audience that comes to the fairs and shows in search of that something special. One great thing about being an artist of crafter and selling your work at … Continue reading

Blogging Your Health: Pros and Cons

The other day, I was thinking long and hard about blogging your health: what to say, how much detail to give, who gets to read your posts. It’s a tricky issue, to say the least. Let’s look at some positives and negatives. The advantages of blogging your health can include: Ease. Make one post/update to your social networking site of choice and all your friends get the news at the same time. It’s quick and easy — and that’s good at a time when you may not have a lot of time and energy to devote to keeping everybody updated. … Continue reading

Will Buying Used Clothes and Toys or Reselling Them Soon Be Illegal?

At first read, it sounds like an Internet scam. A law has been passed that will prohibit anyone from selling used children’s clothes and toys, effective next month. This would have wide-ranging affects, putting everyone from consignments shops and Goodwill to eBay sellers and yard sale folks out of business. Everyone from hard core frugal moms who have adopted frugality from the beginning to new to the craft frugalistas who are responding to trends that make frugal cool, to people who suddenly find the necessity of a frugal lifestyle with the failing economy, people are panicking. As someone who relies … Continue reading

Baby Blog Month in Review: July 2008

Two of my three children are summer babies. That is, they were born in the summer and had their first months surrounded by sunshine streaming in the windows, the sound of birds chirping, and days spent wearing nothing but a diaper and a “onsie.” I made sure that they had Fourth of July outfits ready, even though one of them arrived a week after the holiday. I guess he just wasn’t interested in the parade. Do you have a summer baby, too? We had a lot of new information to share this past month, such as recall notices and new … Continue reading