What Happens at a Baby Shower?

“What are you supposed to do at a baby shower?” That is probably the question that runs through everyone’s mind the first time they have to plan one. Unless you have been to several, you may not know exactly what is expected. Is it just like a bridal shower? Are you expected to serve food? Does the mom-to-be open all the presents at the shower or later on like at a wedding? Do you have to play games? These are all valid questions, but they all assume one thing: that there is one right way to throw a baby shower. … Continue reading

Save Time on Writing Thank You Cards

Amidst all the baby showers, decorating the nursery, attending childbirth classes and everything else a mother does to prepare for her new baby, squeezing in the time to write thank you cards can be a little daunting. It’s not that we don’t feel thankful. On the contrary, we are incredibly grateful for all the support we receive from our friends and family. Babies are expensive! Still, taking the time to address envelopes, stamp and mail thank you cards is hard. Fortunately there are ways to streamline the process! One method takes a little planning and cooperation with whomever is planning … Continue reading

What Should You Wear to Your Baby Shower?

The cake is frosted, the centerpieces are placed, the punch is poured and the tables are set, but what are you going to wear to your baby shower? All eyes and cameras will be on you, so you might want to make sure your outfit will look good in person and on film. You also have to consider function and comfort. Here are some things to consider when choosing an outfit for your shower: Color: Wear something that will look good in photos. Bright colors and interesting patterns will really pop in a photograph. A bright floral dress is a … Continue reading

I Should Know Better By Now

I’ve been getting into the bad habit of staying up hours after my daughter is in bed. I used to go to bed at the same time as her, because she slept with us. Then she got pretty good at going to sleep on her own, so I’d wait an hour or so after she fell asleep to go to bed. These days, I spend a good 3 hours being awake after she’s down for the night. It’s been taking its toll on me, physically and mentally. If you don’t believe me, ask my husband. I’m not sure which looks … Continue reading

Striking a Balance with Fitness

I hosted a “Sip and See” (a baby shower held after the baby is born) for a friend last week, and as a thank you, she gave me a tank top with the words “Well Balanced Mom” emblazoned on the front. I loved the shirt, but it got me thinking: Am I well balanced? I wore it to one of my classes and felt like I needed to explain that I don’t necessarily think I’m well balanced and that it was a gift. As a mother, I think we all struggle with balance in our lives, whether it is work/life … Continue reading

Did You Have to Get Sick on a Sunday?

Does it ever seem like your child gets sick more often on a Saturday or Sunday than any other day of the week? It has seemed like that at our house lately. Two Saturdays ago, I was sure our daughter had an ear infection, so I made an appointment for her. Luckily, despite the fact that it was Saturday, a pediatrician was available to see her. We entered the nearly empty waiting room, and I questioned whether it was a good idea for us to be there. The only other people in there were a mother and teenage daughter, who … Continue reading

Before or After?

It’s unofficially baby shower week here on the pregnancy blog. If you haven’t done so already, read about whether or not you should get a second baby shower and whether you have to play shower games, Monday and Tuesday’s topics, respectively. Earlier this week I was speaking with a friend about planning – you guessed it – a baby shower. Apparently someone suggested that our pregnant friend should have the shower after the baby was born, and others insisted she have it before. So which is better: before or after? I’m going to go on the record and say that … Continue reading

How To Prevent Falls During Pregnancy

It happened when I was going down the steps in my home: my socked foot slipped off the edge of the stair and I fell on my butt. Fortunately I did not fall any farther down the stairway, but I nearly had a heart attack and I was worried for the safety of my baby. I was about six or seven months pregnant at the time. The baby and I were okay, but I was much more careful about stairs after that. A fall during pregnancy can be dangerous for both mom and baby, but mostly for mom. In most … Continue reading

Baby Registry Problems

My wife and I have been having problems with our baby registry at a certain national retail chain of baby related goods that will remain unnamed. If you’ve been reading this blog you know that I am currently a doctoral student in the arts, particularly theatre, but what I haven’t said before is that I have an undergraduate business degree. I worked for a number of years as a lead teller at another national bank before the questionable ethical behavior (at least at those lower levels) made me too uncomfortable to continue cashing in in the business world and I … Continue reading

The Great Stroller Debate—-Preschool Edition

A couple of years ago I lamented about toddlers and strollers. Traveling with my then fickle 2-year-old was a challenge because I was constantly debating whether or not I should bring the stroller with us. It was always a toss-up as to whether she would ride in it or spend the day running circles around it. I thought about that blog the other day when I read a post by another blogging mom railing on Gwyneth Paltrow. Said blogging mom wrote an open letter to Paltrow chastising her for allowing her 4-year-old daughter Apple to ride in a stroller while … Continue reading