What to Do With Old Halloween Costumes

In the toy box, Little Red Riding Hood is having a fight with the Big Bad Wolf, and Superman’s trying to step in and break it up. Halloween is a time when we tend to accumulate a lot of new costumes. What can you do with those old Halloween costumes? Of course, the kids will likely be into them for a while. Choose Halloween costumes that are durable, and they may be a hit in the dress ups for years. But after the attraction wanes, where will your costumes find a home? Choose costumes that are made out of reusable … Continue reading

The Genealogy of Pumpkins

Genealogy is the study of family. Genealogists spend a lot of time doing research about the people who are in their family tree. In some ways, it can be said that foods also have a family tree. Here is a little bit of information about pumpkins, their closest relatives, and their “family history”. The pumpkin is intrinsically associated with Halloween. We carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns. We make pumpkin pies, roast pumpkin seeds, and add pumpkin to pastries and coffee. It seemed like the perfect time of year to dig into the family tree of the pumpkin. Pumpkins are a member … Continue reading

What to Do With Your Fall Leaves

Oh boy. It must be fall. There are leaves coming down everywhere, and everywhere people are raking them into piles. In our neighborhood, we have folks who come around in a big truck to take the leaves away. What? I want those leaves! What can you do with leaves, you might ask? Turn them into giant pumpkins. This might be a temporary solution, but if you have a lot of leaves they are perfect for slipping into a big orange garbage bag. Put a scary face onto the bag, and you have an instant giant Halloween decoration, no blowing up … Continue reading

Picking Pumpkins Part II

After a thirty minute drive in the glorious autumn weather, surrounded by the beauty of fall, we arrived at our destination: The Orchard and Pumpkin Patch. My two children, my little sister, and I met my other sister (she is of course my little sister’s older sister too), her husband, and their daughter. The orchard was very busy with only a week to go before Halloween and subsequently “Beggars Night” (something we do not celebrate with trick or treating). There were lots of children with their parents scoping out the pumpkin patch. After I got the stroller out of the … Continue reading

Curried Pumpkin Soup

Soup and pumpkins are beautiful signs of fall. Combining the two will warm up a cool autumn evening. The soup is great paired with a salad or a sandwich. Keep the recipe on hand for Thanksgiving celebrations. You may want to have it on hand to give to your guests as they are sure to ask you for the recipe. I was surprised that a few of my kids also liked pumpkin soup. Normally, I make butternut squash soup but this goes over a bit better. If you don’t like curry the omit and get creative. Think about how squash … Continue reading

No Carve Pumpkins for the Whole Family

With Halloween just around the corner the kids are itching to get started on their pumpkins! But if you are anything like me, the whole idea of handing those little pumpkin carving tools over to my four year old is a little frightening. Last year Mommy had to do the whole thing for him. Needless to say, neither one of us had much fun with it until it was finished and on the porch. This year I’m thinking we might try a new approach. No carve pumpkins are an easy solution to this little dilemma, and certainly just as fun! … Continue reading

5 Unusual Uses for Your Halloween Pumpkin

Pumpkins, pumpkins: tis the season for these orange-colored balls of seasonal goopiness. It’s time to carve them and eat them and turn them into everything imaginable. If you like pumpkins, here are some ideas that go a little bit beyond the ordinary. 5 Unusual Uses for Pumpkins Flower Pot There’s something better than flowers: it’s autumn flowers in a pumpkin! Use your carved pumpkin to house a fall arrangement, and it will make your front porch look delightfully festive. Candle holder I’m loving those little gourds-turned-candleholders. Get a wee pumpkin, carve it out, and place a candle in the middle. … Continue reading

Tasty Halloween Read: It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!

If you give a mouse a pumpkin… he’s going to make pie? Pancakes? Donuts? Cookies? Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. Wrong book, right series. The oh-so right collection of If You Give A… books is growing, just in time for Halloween. It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse! features the same feisty rodent from the award-winning children’s classic, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie; however, the story doesn’t employ the same trademark circular format used in the popular series. Not that young readers will miss it. The colorful board book has its own Halloween-themed hook that will keep your kids at the … Continue reading

How Do You View Your Competitors?

No matter what your home – based business is, it is likely that there are other businesses, whether run by home – based professionals or not, that are competing with you. Your clients or customers have options when it comes to where they will purchase their products and services. You are probably aware that there is competition, but what you may not realize is that you have a choice about how to view competition. It is easy to get caught up in trying to keep up with your competitors, and in feeling anxious about whether your product or service is … Continue reading

Don’t Miss Michael’s Coupon Bonanza!

If you have been procrastinating on picking up some fall crafts or Halloween decorations for your home, now is the to get them! Michael’s is having a Coupon Bonanza. You can print out whichever coupons you want, take them to your local Michael’s store, and save a lot of money! I got an email from Michael’s that said something about a “Coupon Bonanza”. Naturally, I had to open that email! True to it’s word, the email took me to the Michael’s website where a ton of printable coupons were waiting for me. These coupon are valid through October 13, 2012. … Continue reading