First Swine Flu Case Confirmed in Dogs

A little over a month ago, the news came that family pets were coming down with swine flu (H1N1). Cats and ferrets were catching swine flu from sick owners. Now it looks like dogs are at risk for swine flu, too. A thirteen year old dog in New York was diagnosed with swine flu this month. He was showing signs of having difficulty breathing, so his owner brought him to the vet’s office. Because the owner had recently recovered from swine flu, the veterinarian decided to have the dog tested. Two separate labs — including Iowa State University, where first … Continue reading

Swine Flu Vaccine Supply Finally Catches up with Demand

It only took two months, but it seems that the supply of swine flu vaccine here in the United States has finally caught up with the demand. A lot of people have had trouble getting the vaccine so far — you may have heard stories of (or experienced) long lines and canceled flu shot clinics. Still, a lot of high risk people did manage to get a swine flu shot. Now there should be swine flu shots a-plenty… just in time for the virus to start fading away. Experts are seeing the number of new cases go down, but that … Continue reading

Swine Flu: Two Week Rebound?

In the last few days, two of my friends who’ve had swine flu have been talking about a “swine flu rebound”. To make a long story short, it seems that a good number of people who have had swine flu experience a reappearance of symptoms a couple of weeks after they thought they were better. One friend thought it might be linked to folks over-exerting themselves. I can understand that — when I’m sick, I suddenly get the urge to go out and do things and be social… specifically because I know I can’t or shouldn’t be doing those things. … Continue reading

First Swine Flu Case Confirmed in Family Pet

Despite all the worry about swine flu (H1N1) over the last few months, I’ve been confident that four-legged family members were safe from the disease. Until now. Government officials released information on Wednesday, November 11 about a cat from Iowa — thought to be the first confirmed case of swine flu in a feline. The thirteen year old cat exhibited the following symptoms: lethargy, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing. The vet who treated the cat described the symptoms as flu-like. Testing by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Ames confirmed that … Continue reading

Shelby Rodriguez’s Fight

Today, more and more people are looking for green solutions for housing. Shelby and John Rodriguez were looking to rent a home when they stumbled upon The Arbors at Antelope, a community outside Sacramento, Calif. The brochure for the housing development read “Think Green. Be Green.” The only problem is Shelby didn’t realize she would be green – with nausea! Shelby spent most of the day at home with then four year old daughter Elise. Things were fine until both started getting sick. Both were constantly sick and Shelby, who was suffering from nose sores and a sore throat, was … Continue reading

Caretakers and the Flu

Who is the caretaker in your family when somebody gets sick? When I was growing up, taking care of sick kids was my mom’s job (although she did share the duties with both of my grandmothers on occasion). With the double flu whammy this winter, you may find your family needing a caretaker. It’s all too easy for the flu (or another illness) to hop from one member of a household to another! Here are some tips to help keep the flu in check if somebody in your family gets sick. First and foremost, try to keep the sick person … Continue reading

Having Trouble Finding a Flu Shot?

While I was out running errands on Saturday, I noticed a sign on the door of the local Rite Aid pharmacy: all flu shot clinics are canceled. It went on to suggest other places where people might be able to find a seasonal flu or swine flu vaccine. It seems like demand for the flu shots is high, and suppliers aren’t able to keep up just yet. More than one friend has mentioned hitting the flu shot clinics and being turned away (in some cases, it’s happened more than once). Part of the problem is that swine flu vaccine manufacturers … Continue reading

Swine Flu and Fear

I’m writing this on day three of a fever, so I apologize if it isn’t as coherent as I’d like. I’m sick. It started off feeling like my usual sinus troubles, so I treated it in the usual way: irrigating my sinuses with salt water. This plan has worked in the past, fending off several sinus infections before they got to the point where I’d need a doctor or antibiotics. But while the sinus problem cleared up, the feeling of not-good stuck around. My head was still pounding. Two days ago, the headache was joined by an all-over body ache … Continue reading

Swine Flu Vaccine and Side Effects

As promised, October has arrived with the first batches of the swine flu vaccine. The World Health Organization rolled out the first doses of the vaccine in China, soon to be followed by Australia, the United States, and parts of Europe. Four out of the thirty-nine thousand people vaccinated in China reported mild side effects. That works out to approximately one in every ten thousand people getting the shot — not surprising, according to WHO officials. When large numbers of people are getting a vaccine, side effects are to be expected. Once the swine flu vaccine hits the United States, … Continue reading

Swine Flu Vaccine For Everybody… but Seniors

The swine flu vaccine is coming soon — the first doses will be available the first week of October. But doctors are telling seniors to hold off on getting a swine flu vaccine. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that three point four million doses of swine flu vaccine will be available the first week of October — in nasal spray form. Shots will soon follow, for a total of nearly 200 million doses of swine flu vaccine available by the end of 2009. Once the distribution is in full swing, you can expect to see twenty … Continue reading