Getting More Bang for Your Cruise Buck

Passengers on Disney’s oldest cruise ship will soon get more bang for their buck thanks to a huge renovation project.  The 15-year-old floating city is getting fitted with a series of phenomenal deck-top attractions, including a massive water slide called the AquaDunk. The Disney Magic’s newest attraction is being built to please passengers looking for thrills and chills at sea.  The water slide will be situated on the ship’s forward funnel and features a translucent tube and trap door where passengers wait a near-vertical free fall. When the door opens, riders drop nearly 40 feet before being shot through a … Continue reading

Surviving Your Kid’s Spring Break

Not your little guy’s break from school, your older one. You know, the one who begged you to let him head down to Cabo with a bunch of friends for spring break, and now you are sitting at home praying that the next call you get isn’t from a Mexican prison. Keeping children safe is the utmost priority for most parents, but you can’t expect your college-age kid to want to spend every school break at home so you can monitor his every move. Sure, viewing Facebook photos of your son at the bottom of a beer bong and your … Continue reading

Micromanaging Your Teen’s Life

Do you attempt to micromanage your teenager’s life?  What that really means is you are trying to control it.  Yet these are the years when we have to learn when to let go, when to start loosening the apron strings. This takes a lot of trust and for me, prayer.  It’s difficult to do.  You sometimes question whether you have done too much or not enough in letting go. At the same time, new freedoms must be earned.  The first day your teen gets his or her driver’s license, you don’t hand over the keys and say, “Have at it!”  … Continue reading

The Lord is In the Details of our Lives

This past weekend, I had an experience that may seem small and insignificant to some, but it meant a lot to me. One of my children had the stomach flu. It is my least favorite thing as a parent. And, to put it simply, I have quite a bit of anxiety over it. I do not handle that type of sickness well at all, and it is very difficult for me every single time. Well, my child seemed to be getting better, and as usual, I felt myself relax and realize that all would be OK. A few days later, … Continue reading

Be Thankful for Your Blessings

Until we became a military family, I never quite understood the sacrifice that they paid. I knew it in theory but now it has become so much more real. We are giving up the presence of our son at the Thanksgiving table this year. It is hard for everyone to accept the first of what will likely be many holidays without him. It has given me such a greater appreciation for their service to our country and the families who are without their loved ones. Suddenly thankfulness has taken on a whole new meaning. While I have always appreciated my … Continue reading

Get the Most Bang for Your Travel Buck

Want to live like the President of the United States without having to spend millions campaigning for the title? Then head to Charlotte, North Carolina, before September 8th. That’s where you’ll find the “American Presidential Experience 2012.” The traveling exhibit is one of the hot spots for non-politicos checking out the Democratic National Convention. Visitors of all ages, races and creeds can get in some hands-on learning about this country’s top job and the men who held the position, from George Washington to Barack Obama. The 30,000-square-foot, nonpartisan exhibit is crammed with presidential memorabilia, including a full-size recreation of the … Continue reading

Is Your Home on Lock Down?

Today, as I was walking to my daughter’s school to pick her up, I glanced to my right at the top of my street and noticed that there were about a dozen cop cars. I asked a bystander what was going on, and he didn’t know, but said that guns were drawn. I immediately worried about getting my daughter from school even though it was in the opposite direction. I soon found out that her school was on lock-down. As I walked to school, I just knew that everything was going to be fine. I said a little prayer we … Continue reading

Protecting Yourself as a Single Parent

This has been kind of a scary week for me. Last Saturday I had the bright idea of taking Logan downtown to walk around Temple Square and see some of the sights of downtown Salt Lake City. We’ve done this on several occasions, attended outside concerts, and browsed along the streets together. But now, I’m afraid I am going to have to think twice the next time I consider traveling downtown just the two of us. We decided to take the Trax Train in order to avoid the stresses of parking in Salt Lake. The ride up wasn’t so bad. … Continue reading

Old Frames Are Perfect for Children’s Artwork!

Here is a very low-cost solution to displaying your kids’ artwork that will also give your home some major decorating impact. First Gather Your Frames Most of us have a number of extra frames that we don’t know what to do with. They may have glass missing, look ugly or have paint peeling from them. Gather them into one place. If you happen to be so clutter free or organized that you don’t have any extra frames, visit your local thrift shop where you can purchase a variety of frames for very little money. Discard any unwanted photos. Prepare Your … Continue reading

FHE with Small Children-Strengthening our Family

I love when simple family home evenings make the best ones. That is my goal by sharing this FHE with Small Children series as often as possible. This past Monday night, we had a family home evening where my kids really listened, the lesson was short, and everyone got to participate. We started out talking about our own family. I asked my kids the following questions: Who is in our family? Do you think we have a happy family? Do we want to make our family stronger? I then told them about The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Since … Continue reading