The Fitness Blog Week in Review Jan 13-19

What a week – a very long week here. I’m writing these weeks in review ahead of time to give myself some down time this weekend so – if you haven’t had some down time recently and find yourself in the need of it – create the time. We all need that down time here and there and I said goodbye to two old friends this week and I am not afraid to admit – that emotionally, I’m tired. So without further ado – here is a quick cool down of our week in fitness. Saturday, January 13 Great Myths: … Continue reading

What You Should Know About Inversions

Many of us have not tried doing a headstand, handstand or shoulder stand since we were little. For some of us, it used to come naturally. What we did not know then is that inversions can be wonderful for our circulation, for strengthening the abdominals, for taking the edge off of depression and for stretching the back. As with some of the more challenging yoga poses, there are a few conditions that should make people hesitate before trying them. High blood pressure, sufferers of migraines, glaucoma patients, people with head or neck injuries and pregnant women should definitely ask their … Continue reading

What is Inversion?

I caught a commercial the other day for one of those pieces of equipment that let you hang upside down. Thanks to the commercial, I now know that hanging upside down is known as inversion therapy! But is it really beneficial for your health? Before doing any research, I had two theories: hanging upside down could possibly be beneficial for joints and circulation. Hanging upside down could relieve pressure on particular joints, like your knees and spine — or at least, reverse the pressure! And hanging upside down does make the blood rush to your head, so maybe that’s a … Continue reading

The Yoga Path: Finding My Headstand

After going to my Level 3 YogaFit Training, I was determined to work my way into a headstand away from the wall. Reading Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar and talking to students and other teachers of yoga, I realized that I would need to be patient with myself and not rush it. I had heard that using a corner, rather than just being up against the wall, would encourage proper alignment. I didn’t try it in a corner for several months after my Level 3 training, however, perhaps because of being stubborn. It wasn’t until I had a more … Continue reading