Winona Ryder Hospitalized and Julianne Hough Says Goodbye

Actress Winona Ryder was hospitalized briefly yesterday. She was on a flight from Los Angeles to London when she suddenly fell ill, causing the airplane to make a special landing. Before the flight landed at Heathrow Airport, the British Airways pilot radioed the air traffic control tower to notify them that a female passenger on board was in need of medical attention. A statement from British Airways said “Our cabin crew looked after [Ryder] as much as they could onboard and our passenger services staff also accompanied her to the hospital. We wish her well.” (This image is licensed under … Continue reading

Velvet Ears, Golden Paws, Angel Butt

Do you have nicknames for your pet(s)? If so, just one or more than that? In Tabby, the Continuing Saga, I wrote about some of the nicknames I developed almost immediately for my stray girl. (Those have all now been incorporated into her unofficial full name: Lady Tabitha, Tabernathy, Tabberkins Pryor, but she’s also picked up Tabbins, Tab Tab, Little One, and Stinker Princess.) Mr. Meow also has his fair share: Gato Bato, Monkey Paws, Gorilla Arms, Crazy Cat, and the good old standby: Creepy Cat. Then there’s Murphy. He’s got a whole slew of them: Murph Man, Murphy Jones, … Continue reading

Well, You Just Never Know: A Few Good Men

I was on the treadmill tonight (yes, a miracle I know) when a commercial came on television. Normally, this would be the time to flip over to my alternate channel, you know, the one I visit so I don’t have to watch commercials. But, since my husband, the commercial fanatic, was in the room, I left it on. I tuned out and turned up the treadmill, so I really couldn’t hear the commercial, but I heard Randy say “I didn’t know that.” I looked up and saw the commercial was for a law firm and it said something about “When … Continue reading

Using Pet Names In Your Relationship

Sweetie! Darling! Love! Boo-boo! Snookums! Shudder, guffaw and pass the insulin. There is nothing so sweet and compulsive as the first time your mate calls you a pet name. No matter how odd the nickname or how endearing it is, when your mate is comfortable enough with you to crown you with a nickname, it makes you feel special. It’s amazing what a little phrase of affection can do. Now there are simply some people who pass around endearments with the ease of how they smile. They are quick, warm platitudes that they give as willingly to someone they just … Continue reading

Juicy Hollywood Tidbits

It seems to be a slow week in Hollywood – the Anna Nicole stuff is finally grinding to a halt, no one has announce a pregnancy or divorce lately – even Britney is behaving herself! But I was able to find a few news items you may have missed: Talullah to Become Lulu I have always thought Bruce Willis and Demi Moore gave their daughters unusual names: Rumer, Scout LaRue, and Tallulah Belle. I believe Rumer was named after British novelist Rumer Godden, Scout was named after a character in To Kill a Mockingbird,” and I am not sure where … Continue reading

Obscure Movie Trivia

What if you were born with a name like Howitzer Mertelmeyer, and you wanted to make it big in Hollywood? A name like that would never draw a crowd at the box office, and certainly does not project the image you want. So you change your name to Rex Hamilton, and suddenly you’re a sensation. This happens all the time in Hollywood. Remember Norma Jean Baker? Hardly anyone does, but we all remember Marilyn Monroe. Celebrity name changes like this lead to interesting movie trivia. Try your mental prowess out on some of these. Match the name of the star … Continue reading