Teaching Money to Kids

At a Glance: Product:  Family Mint Money Management Certification Program Ages:  10 and up.  You can begin as early as 6 year old if you use the website as well. Use:  A family tool to teach children to how to handle money properly to ensure a secure financial future. Duration:  2 months Homeschool Method:  Any.  The program includes online resources and a workbook.  If you prefer the workbook only it is all inclusive and no internet needed. Cost:  $29.99 as a special introductory offer for the 60 page workbook plus a lifetime subscription to FamilyMint Premium and online only for $24.99 a year … Continue reading

A Dyslexic Point of View

I am a dyslexic. This was not something I realized until after I was an adult. It is my understanding that it can be frustrating to be the parent of a dyslexic child, if you don’t know from personal experience why your obviously smart child continues to make the same mistakes over and over again. I might be able to clarify that for you, by sharing what it is like to be a dyslexic person in an non-dyslexic world. Dyslexia is a learning disability. Some of the signs that a person may be dyslexic include frequent transposition of letters, (or … Continue reading

Your Family Money History

This is an introduction and a question all in one. I’m new to blogging in the Money section. What brought me here? When I was growing up, money was tight. My mother was the primary provider for our family, and my dad was a stay at home dad who worked sometimes and not at others. Our family was often stressed about money. From an early age, I became interested in saving money and managing money. This was a way to take control of a hard situation, and it still is. As I grew older, I became a graduate student in … Continue reading

Summer of Woes

Summertime is supposed to be filled with laughter and joy for those in the academic world. The summer is for resting, relaxing, and sipping on iced drinks from a folding chair in the sunshine. Summertime means you’ve completed that final test, graded that final paper, added those final grades to your transcript and have fewer worries until the fall semester begins those concerns anew. This is not true for me this summer and I only recently realized how bad it is going to be. Over 5,700. Go ahead… read that number again. Feel it labor your mouth into forming the … Continue reading

Disney Internship Opportunities

At times it feels like the main focus here at the Disney blog is children – well, children and we adults who hold on to that little inner something that delights in fairy tale wonder. Given the nature of Disney’s target audience, it often feels that I have nothing to offer parents of teenagers and college-age kids. So today’s blog is for you. Do you have a child in college (or are you a college student) who loves Disney, or who considers a career in Disney a dream opportunity? Then you should think about applying for a Disney internship. Anyone … Continue reading

End Your Homeschooling Journey at Disney World!

This is one of those announcements that makes your eyes light up and your mouth drop open. Your homeschooler can now participate in a National Homeschool Graduation at Disney World! The date of this first homeschool graduation is May 9, 2010. This give you plenty of time to schedule a trip to Disney World. As my kids are set to graduate in 2012 and 2013, you had better believe that this is on my list of things to do! I will definately start planning now! To participate in the National Homeschool Graduation, you will need to: 1. Purchase your tickets … Continue reading

In a Rush to Graduate Your Kids from Homeschool?

My family had a conversation last night about when we would graduate the kids from homeschool. We started talking about SAT scores for my son that we should receive on Tuesday and the fact that we couldn’t graduate him next year if he took the PSAT and qualified for the National Merit Program (he took the SAT first as a practice for the PSAT). Because the PSAT had to be taken in your Jr. year to qualify for the National Merit program, we were trying to figure out if he had to wait another year to graduate even though he … Continue reading

Homeschool groups and resources in Kansas L-Z

Involvement with other homeschoolers is very important to a family’s success in homeschooling. Joining a homeschool network or support group in your area will make a difference in your homeschooling journey. You can find homeschooling groups as well as many homeschooling classes, and programs that your students can enjoy. In this series, we are covering homeschool groups and resources across the country. This installment will cover Kansas homeschool groups and resources L-Z LaZers This is a Competitive Homeschool Athletic program in the Kansas City, MO metropolitan area. They have boys soccer, girls soccer, boys baseball, girls volleyball, girls basketball and … Continue reading

How to Make Your Own Legacy With a Personal Book of Knowledge

A personal book of knowledge consists of your entire experience, undertakings, skill in specific field, and additional related information placed collectively in a simple to utilize format. It is much above a diary or journal, because it will have a planned format. Your personal book of knowledge will provide the equal function as the knowledge repository provides for a company. It can have your personal experiences of searching for a job, a house or pertaining to a college. Essentially, everything that you suppose, if documented, will perform as a guide or manual for your kids, family or even acquaintances. Utilizing … Continue reading

Teens Should Not Have Their Own Car

According to a new studies by State Farm Insurance and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Teens have less car accidents if they share a car with a parent or siblings. As a parent who wants to reward a child for being such a good child by rewarding him with a car when he gets his license, this study has caught me off guard. Could giving my son a well deserved gift be the thing that would most risk his life? …Or, could he be the exception to this rule? The rule basically says that if a child has free access … Continue reading