Grandparents who are Just Too Much

How can you actually have too much of a good thing? And, aren’t grandparents a truly good thing in our child’s life? For parents who have to deal with unsolicited advice, over-available grandparents, intervention and interruptions and other overly-involved grandparents, too much of a good thing can just be too much! I do not know how many times I have listened as a parent complained about an overbearing grandparent—one who is stopping by or calling continuously or butting in and offering advice and criticism. Some grandparents even go so far as to take children out for hair cuts, buy them … Continue reading

When Grandparents Play Favorites—Part Two

I wrote earlier today about how parents and families can start to cope when a grandparent or grandparents are playing obvious favorites among grandchildren, but I also wanted to talk about things that parents can and must do for their child or children when family dynamics go awry. Even if you’ve tried addressing the problem directly and talking with grandma or grandpa, you will still need to help a child to understand and process family favoritism issues—whether he or she is the chosen favorite or not. You may think that a child who is favored and chosen will get off … Continue reading