A Good Pediatrician Can Make All The Difference

Have you ever noticed how much advice there is for parents, and how much that advice increases when you are a single parent? It’s almost as if because you couldn’t make your marriage work you really can’t raise this child without all this helpful advice. I don’t mind advice, really I don’t, I just wish people would remember that my child is not their child and what works for one doesn’t always work for another. For the most part I’ve always felt like a good mother. When Hailey was an infant I had a pediatrician who was very old school, … Continue reading

Sorry, Charlie!

There once was a fish named Charlie. He was the best pseudo puppy that a 6-year-old girl could ever have… until the girl’s mother got sick of cleaning Charlie’s tank. Scratch that. Until the girl’s mother got sick from cleaning Charlie’s tank. I’ve been sick for weeks with an on and off fever, headache, sore throat and fatigue. Interestingly, my symptoms appeared shortly after my routine cleaning of Charlie’s fish tank. That Betta can gunk up a bowl like no other, and frankly, I dread the task of scooping him out and scrubbing down his disgusting liquid-filled living quarters week … Continue reading

Five Things to Do When Your Child is Diagnosed with Down Syndrome

I recently read an essay by a woman who knew from the moment her newborn daughter was handed to her, that she had Down syndrome. She waited for someone else in the room to notice, and waited while the pediatrician looked her daughter over, and waited for the words to escape from the doctor’s mouth, knowing all the while, what wasn’t being said. She was scared and she wanted to reverse time to before her daughter was born. She wanted to run away with her toddler and husband and never look back. That is how it often feels at the … Continue reading

Become the Best Advocate for Your Child

You are your child’s best hope for a brighter future and happier today. Children with special needs rely on their parents for more than the average child does. Whether he needs help physically, socially, in the classroom, or in a hospital setting, your child with a special need needs you to be his voice and his advocate until he is able to be one for himself. Here are some ideas on how to do best by your child and give him everything he needs and deserves to succeed and thrive. 1 Learn every detail you can about your child’s needs. … Continue reading