Planning Your Exit From Work

As hard as it was to navigate the path towards deciding when to tell your boss about your pregnancy and then actually telling them, if you work during your pregnancy you will have another, even tougher decision to make. As your pregnancy progresses, the question of when you will be leaving work is likely to become a frequent thought for you. When many women get pregnant, they plan to work right up until the end of their forty weeks. Of course, pregnancy has a funny way of derailing even the best laid plans. You may have to make the decision … Continue reading

A Breastfeeding Story – Part 2

When I became pregnant with my second son, Blake, I knew that I planned to breastfeed him after he was born. After my experience with breastfeeding Dylan, I knew that there could be some bumps in the road as we began our breastfeeding relationship. Shortly before Blake was born, I developed preeclampsia. I knew that I would have to be on the same medications during labor and delivery that I had been on when Dylan was born. What I did not expect was that I would end up with a cesarean birth. When I was able to hold Blake, he … Continue reading

A Breastfeeding Story – Part 1

One of the things that you may be thinking about during your pregnancy is whether you will breastfeed your baby once he or she arrives. It is important to think about this ahead of time, so that you can educate yourself about the types of resources and support that are available to nursing mothers in the event that you run into a difficult start with breastfeeding. One important thing to remember is that while breastfeeding your baby is completely natural, it is something that requires both mother and baby to do a bit of learning. It is also possible for … Continue reading