How to Prevent Your Baby from Developing Scurvy

It is not often that you hear of someone developing scurvy in today’s world. Scurvy was once a disease that afflicted pirates and explorers in the 18th century. That doesn’t mean that people no longer catch this (now rare) disease. A baby in Spain was diagnosed with scurvy. How can you prevent your baby from developing this disease? A study was published in the journal Pediatrics that parents should take note of. Researchers found that a baby in Spain had developed scurvy, and set out to find out how that happened. In short, they determined that it was due to … Continue reading

Stop Binge Eating – Part 1

Do you binge eat?  I know I do.  I’ll promise myself that this is it – I am going to stop eating so much and start exercising.  Next thing I know, I am sitting in my recliner, stuffing a pepperoni pizza in my face and watching television.  Not a good plan! But, how can you stop it?  First, you need to realize that some dieticians frown on diets because they are not teaching you healthy lifestyle changes.  If you are thinking of going on the Atkins Diet and sit there thinking “I can never have another piece of bread, ever … Continue reading

Anticipating Expenses in Your Budget

When establishing a budget, it is important to account for variability. Some monthly expenses change a bit each month, such as your energy bills, others are paid bi-annually or annually instead of monthly, such as taxes, and some pop up unexpectedly. Others expenses may vary in their amounts each month. Knowing how to anticipate your expenses will leave you with a solid budget that is always in the black. First start with the stable expenses, those that do not change from month to month. Some examples might be your car payment, your mortgage payment, or a student loan. You can … Continue reading

Before You Deep Fry that Turkey…

There are some safety tips that you should know about before you deep fry that Thanksgiving turkey. It could be the difference between a happy Thanksgiving and a trip to the emergency room. Here is some advice to help you prevent having to file a health insurance claim, or a homeowners insurance claim, on Thanksgiving day. Stacey Fleming is the public information officer with the FWFD (Fort Wayne Fire Department) in Indiana. She says: “Fires are three times more likely to occur on Thanksgiving and around Thanksgiving more than any other time of the year, so inevitably we probably will … Continue reading

End of Summer Layouts

Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to go through all of the masterpieces your mini Picasso made for you in the last three months. Whether she crafted them at sleepaway camp or during an afternoon workshop, you’ll want to preserve the special works of art. Scrapbooks are ideal vehicles to show off your child’s precious artwork and the end of summer is one of the best times to craft a memory album. The weeks before kids head back to school is perfect for sorting through what’s worth keeping and displaying and what is really better off … Continue reading

How to Water Your Plants During a Drought

Water, water. Sometimes it’s not everywhere. Sometimes there is no rain to be found, not for days and weeks. This is scary for farmers and deeply frustrating for gardeners. In a drought, plants die, and if you rely on these plants for food and shade, this can be very difficult. How can you weather drought and plan for future dry times as well? Let some of your plants go dormant. Lawns and moss will go brown. This is fine. Keep your lawn a little longer before the dry season begins so that it will make as much shade and conserve … Continue reading

Who Are You, Really? The Reflection of Disconnect

When technology doesn’t work and we can’t do anything to fix it, we tap into feelings of anger and frustration, of being out of control of something we believe is vital to our well-being. When did we surrender that much power to inanimate objects, allowing them to wreak such havoc in our lives? It’s as if we really do want to believe in fairy tales and have decided technology is our surrogate happy ending. When we have our technology, we will live happily ever after. We have tied technology to personal happiness, which is unwise. Happiness in life should never … Continue reading

You Can’t File a Claim on a Fictitious Cat

I am going to share a bit of common sense that most people can easily surmise. You cannot file an insurance claim on a cat that does not actually exist. It seems that a man in Tacoma, Washington, failed to grasp this concept. He is now facing charges of insurance fraud. It is perfectly acceptable to file a pet insurance claim when your dog or cat requires health care. Auto insurance policies will cover the cost of the medical bills of the passengers who were injured during an accident. Some car insurance policies are starting to provide coverage for the … Continue reading

Family Heirlooms that Keep You Warm

Most families have at least one or two family heirlooms that they treasure. They might take the form of photographs of relatives, jewelry from an ancestor, or your great grandmother’s china dishes. In my family, we have heirlooms that keep us warm, and that we can fall asleep with. I am talking about the crocheted blankets that my grandmother made. One of my grandmothers loved to crochet. I have memories of her spending hours crocheting while watching television. She seemed to have an endless supply of brightly colored yarn, and an equally endless supply of family members that she wanted … Continue reading

Special Needs Blog Week in Review – April 15 – 21, 2012

At the end of the week, it is nice to do a quick review of all the blogs that appeared in the past seven days. The Special Needs Blog Week in Review is a great way to catch up on the blogs that you missed, but wanted to read. It gives you a brief description of each one, and a link that will take you directly to it. The Special Needs Podcast Roundup went up on April 16, 2012. This time, I’d like to point out an episode from The Coffee Klatch which was called “National Autism Association”. It features … Continue reading