Get Your Porch Organized and Decorated for Fall

Fall is fun! There is nothing like the crisp air, the bright colors, and the last push for outdoor adventures before the cold winds of winter start bringing everyone in doors. While you can still enjoy the outside, why not get your porch organized and decorated for Fall? Fall is a great excuse for decorating, but who has the motivation when the front porch is filled with clutter and debris? This area sets the first impression whenever anyone visits your home. Start by removing everything from your porch, so you can clean the floors. Shake out those rugs, use a … Continue reading

Cedar Point and Your Preschooler

Cedar Point, located in Sandusky, Ohio,  is normally associated with heart pumping rides and the thrill of going upside down at 70 miles an hour only to endure a drop that makes the hair on your arms stand on end.  That is hardly the experience you want your preschooler to endure.  It may surprise you to learn that Cedar Point is not only fun for adults and older kids but for preschoolers as well.  It is one of the best family fun parks around! Top Seven Things to Love About Cedar Point for Preschoolers My mini thrill seeker spent her … Continue reading

Eliminate Food Waste: You Can Eat These

Eliminate food waste by taking advantage of good food that is commonly thrown away. Get some valuable nutrition and save money on your food bill. Here is how. Almost-Expired Eggs Most eggs will last for at least a few days past their expiration date, but if you don’t want to take a chance, try this trick. Boil almost-expired eggs. The hard-boiled eggs can be used as snacks, turned into egg salad, or used to pump up the nutrients in a green salad. Broccoli Stems We buy a lot of fresh broccoli in this house because it is inexpensive, and the … Continue reading

Fun Ways to Work Up Your Appetite

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. For some home cooks, Turkey Day meal preps are already underway. Given how much blood, sweat and tears are shed in order to create a sumptuous holiday spread for the entire clan, it would be nice to see it completely consumed. If you are worried that your hard work in the kitchen will go unappreciated and that you’ll be stuck with enough Turkey Day leftovers to feed an army, consider getting the clan to partake in the following activities that are sure to work up their Thanksgiving appetite: Pumpkin Sweep: Give each person … Continue reading

Is Your Business Ready For Holiday Shoppers?

Today I began to wonder whether I had missed Thanksgiving. I went grocery shopping at my local grocery store after returning from a vacation, and everything is ready for Christmas. There are Christmas decorations on the store windows, Christmas displays on the shelves, and Christmas music too. I remember a time when stores used to decorate for Thanksgiving, but I saw no sign of that today. In fact, the only things that hinted that it is nearly Thanksgiving were the great prices on frozen turkeys and the end cap displays filled with stuffing mixes, canned pumpkin, and other Thanksgiving must … Continue reading

Can You Afford a Traditional Thanksgiving Meal?

Last night, our local food bank issued a public plea to area businesses and families who have the ability to help the community’s less fortunate. The non-profit needs monetary and/or food donations immediately or hundreds of needy individuals won’t be able to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal this year. With the economy in the dumpster and millions of moms and dads out of work, it’s no surprise that a record number of parents are being forced to swallow their collective pride and turn to community food banks for assistance. And it’s not just the unemployed who are struggling to prepare … Continue reading

Keeping Kids Busy While You Cook

Kids don’t care how hard you worked to make your Thanksgiving bird look like it flew in from the Food Network. Nor do they care how many hours you spent slaving over your made-from-scratch Pumpkin Persimmon Pie. All they care about is eating as fast as they can so they can go back to playing. Of course, you won’t be able to cook a fraction of your holiday spread if you have a house full of bored kids hanging on your apron strings. In order to ensure your turkey and all the trimmings make it to the table on time … Continue reading

The Genealogy of Pumpkins

Genealogy is the study of family. Genealogists spend a lot of time doing research about the people who are in their family tree. In some ways, it can be said that foods also have a family tree. Here is a little bit of information about pumpkins, their closest relatives, and their “family history”. The pumpkin is intrinsically associated with Halloween. We carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns. We make pumpkin pies, roast pumpkin seeds, and add pumpkin to pastries and coffee. It seemed like the perfect time of year to dig into the family tree of the pumpkin. Pumpkins are a member … Continue reading

Your Church Halloween Party

With all the changes that have been going on lately in our ward, it is a little chaotic. In the shuffle, there have not been any callings made just yet. So, the new bishop asked me to help out with our church halloween party since I had worked most recently with the children in our ward. So I agreed. This year, we aren’t going to do a trunk or treat like many wards do. While I love that idea, and it is usually so fun and simple, we are going to try and throw together some activities that the kids … Continue reading

What to Do With Your Fall Leaves

Oh boy. It must be fall. There are leaves coming down everywhere, and everywhere people are raking them into piles. In our neighborhood, we have folks who come around in a big truck to take the leaves away. What? I want those leaves! What can you do with leaves, you might ask? Turn them into giant pumpkins. This might be a temporary solution, but if you have a lot of leaves they are perfect for slipping into a big orange garbage bag. Put a scary face onto the bag, and you have an instant giant Halloween decoration, no blowing up … Continue reading